The Essene's Secret Name

          “After King Jannaeus, his wife Helene[5] ruled over all Israel. In the Temple was to be found the Foundation Stone on which were engraven the letters of God's Ineffable Name. Whoever learned the secret of the Name and its use would be able to do whatever he wished. Therefore, the Sages took measures so that no one should gain this knowledge. Lions of brass were bound to two iron pillars at the gate of the place of burnt offerings. Should anyone enter and learn the Name, when he left the lions would roar at him and immediately the valuable secret would be forgotten.”

          Anthony said that the four archangels were the key to understanding and using the five lettered name of God (i.e. they are four of the five "letters" one must understand in order to "read" the Holy Name.)

          Here's a place I went to learn a little more...

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