Mad Anthony's Demonic Banishing Ritual

          I once met a homeless man in a park named Anthony. Anthony was flailing about wildly, as if fighting thousands of invisible enemies attacking him from all sides. At first glance, one might assume that this man was dangerously insane, but what struck me most about Anthony was the agility and acrobatic skill he displayed as he leaped out in all possible directions, always returning to the center to continue his strange battle. Wanting to learn more, I waited until he was finished and then approached him to ask what he was doing. That’s when I learned a unique method of banishing demons, a secret method which I am now going to teach to all of you as well.

          The premise is simple, if bizarre. Anthony said that he had spent years meditating, but one day he found a spiritual training manual that offered a new kind of meditation, one that involved drawing your demons out and confronting them all, one at a time, within each of what he called the four elemental gates. These gates were intentional gaps within a spiritual shield, one that Anthony claimed to be able to construct by his use of one simple prayer, combined with the proper understanding and intent:

          May the Power of God clear the path ahead,
          His Mercy walk close behind,
          His Wit and Wisdom guide both my hands
          and His Perfect Grace be mine.

          As he said this prayer, he gestured in front of himself when he said “Power”, behind himself for “Mercy,” to his left for “Wit” to his right for “Wisdom” and then he clasped both hands together in front of himself as he said the words “Perfect Grace.” He said that there are times when this part of the meditation can be done all by itself, and it can be repeated as many times as one feel it's necessary, but its basic purpose is to call the four Archangels of the Throne, Gabriel, Raphael, Auriel and Michael, to surround and protect oneself from whatever lies ahead. In Anthony’s case, that was his battle with a world of unseen demons.

          Before he begins the strange martial performance that he uses to banish various malefic influences, he says that he draws strength from the four Archangels by doing a few fundamental exercises to help him reach out and gather their energies. For example, he does sets of different kinds of lunges to move his body in all four directions, forward, backwards, to the left and right. Other times he jumps out onto his hands and then literally pushes himself back up off the ground and onto his feet. He was the first person I ever saw who could fall back onto his shoulders and then jump right back up and onto his feet, repeatedly. Anthony told me that when he started he had to use sit ups to lean back into the power of Raphael, but now he can fall backwards onto his shoulders and kip back up onto his feet with ease. Still, when he’s feeling sick or tired, he said he sometimes reverts back to simple push-ups, sit-ups and lateral lunges, but as he does any and all of these strengthening movements, he quietly intones the name of whatever angel is guarding the direction he’s moving into, and that, he claimed, is the true secret to drawing on their various gifts.

          You might think that this is all already weird enough, but it gets much weirder, because after he goes through this extensive work out, Anthony readies himself for the moment when he claims the Angels “open up the gates” to let the demons flood back in. That’s when things get really interesting. I watched him many times lash out with lightening speed, in what seemed like almost every direction at once, kicking, punching, even head-butting, locked in a desperate struggle against a seemingly endless onslaught of invisible enemies. It would be impossible to catalog the enormous variety of martial techniques he employed in this display, but what I can tell you about are the various demons he claimed to be fighting.

          Pouring through the gate of Fire, which opens directly in front of him, he told me that the Archangel Gabriel helps him to face the armies of Moloch, Archdemon of War, Wrath and Hate. The gate of Water opens up directly behind him and he is guided by the Archangel Raphael in his battle against Belial, Archdemon of Seduction, Envy, and Lust. Through the gate of Air, at his left, flows the endless onslaught of Lucifer’s forces, who’s an Archdemon of Arrogance, Deception, and Rationalizations, opposed by the Archangel Auriel. Finally, from the right, through the gate of Earth, the Archangel Michael aids him in his struggles against Mammon, the Archdemon of Greed, Sloth and Habit.

          He claimed that every once in a while, perhaps when the demons were desperate to take him, or the angels felt that the four gates alone were becoming too easy for Anthony to guard, threats would appear from below him, as well as above, and on those rare occasions, Anthony claimed he faced Beelzebub, the Archdemon of Mediocrity, and the Archfiend Graviel, the Dark Lord of Oppressions, with little but the grace of God to guide him.

          I went to the park and watched this strange man battling demons as often as I could, and I learned about as much about his ritual as he would teach me, but even before I myself moved away from Texas, he, it seems, moved on as well. I have no idea where he is today, but if you see someone making what looks like a desperate last stand within the center of an invisible maelstrom, see if the forces of darkness have shown any signs of fading, or if you’d like to learn how to fight demons yourself, step right up and enter the circle, and you can help Mad Anthony fight his secret war.

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