The Magick of Circus

          As long as there has been spiritual oppression and invalidation, banality and a demand for conformity, there’ve been those who choose to run in order to survive. As long as the invisible hands of civilization have been wrapping their fingers around the throats of deviants and nonconformists, there has been the long lonely road that stretches out of town, beckoning all such freaks to travel away, towards the promise of new and far off places, towards adventure, towards freedom, towards the unknown. It was on this road that the first caravans gathered themselves together to provide all of these lost souls with a different kind of community than the ones they’d left behind. It was on this road that Circus was born.

          Circus is more than just a business, or even performance art; Circus is a philosophy, a way of life, a sacred calling and responsibility. The philosophy of Circus revolves around the transcendental ideals of magick and beauty and art and freedom; it believes and shelters all things, so long as these things empower every man, woman, and child, and their connections to an ever expanding, evermore dazzling world of mystery, wonder, and desire. Circus as a way of life is not easy; it demands a disciplined study of the various arts which allow those it shelters to strike back against mundane reality, and it places upon its followers the responsibility of waging this sacred war on behalf of the fantastic, returning as often as we dare to the monotonous worlds we’ve abandoned and providing those we leave behind with just a taste of the majesty and the magick of Circus.

          Circus has many special weapons that it uses to fight this battle against banality, but all of them are built from the minds and bodies of its rather unique children. Many perform amazing physical feats; they seem to defy gravity on tightropes, silklines, and the flying trapeze, perform tremendous feats of strength, or display levels of dexterity and agility far beyond what those outside of the circus may even imagine is possible; juggling flames, blades, or bowling balls, tumbling through the air and walking on their hands. Others may instead reveal the occult powers of the mind, through acts of divination, mentalism, and magic, or else shock our sensibilities with extremes of beauty and monstrosity rarely encountered in nature.

          Most normal people seem to have a short memory for magic, and will have forgotten, or have completely missed, the secret meanings of Circus before they’ve even made it home. Others may keep its promises alive in their hearts, secretly, for many years, yet will be unable to sacrifice the familiar lives they’ve become accustomed to so that they can fully embrace this frightening, at times almost alien, dream. However, rest assured, the Circus will endure, for this may be its single greatest responsibility. Because, regardless of whether or not you personally ever fill your gunnysack and take that long road out of town, if you can simply remember these magnificent spectacles, which we hope to preserve forever within this incredible and elusive world, then you will never be too far away.

          The true Circus endures within.

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