Psychically Induced Feelings

          It is a commonly heard piece of psychological insight that no one or thing can make you angry or sad, or for that matter, feel anything, because each individual is responsible for their own emotional states. Enlightened mental health professionals would have us believe that our emotions are always the product of some sort of internal evaluation, one that is at times preformed at lightening speed and which is completely unconscious, but an evaluation none the less, one which then decides what our exact emotional response will be to any given stimulus. To think otherwise, they would warn, is to court the twisted logic of schizophrenics, among whom there is a commonly expressed belief that their own thoughts and feelings are not always their own, but rather that some outside force is implanting these impulses in their heads.

          If you are afraid of going crazy, or even of just having people think you’re crazy, you’ll probably be a lousy magician. Magic violates many of the conventionally accepted rules of both physics and psychology and cannot be understood very well without an open mind, a mind which is concerned with the truth and not just mere appearances. As Churchill once said, “power is always protected by a bodyguard of lies.”

          Everyone has heard love referred to as “a magical experience,” one that sends the mind reeling into a place of fascination and amorous compulsions. Most people acknowledge the reality of the “vibes” they pick up from people or places, all of which seem to convey a particular emotional response. Yet for most of us, who are unable to see the vast quantity of auric energy swarming all around us, it is nearly impossible to comprehend how such compulsions can be intentionally induced within someone’s mind by another. However, they most certainly can be.

          Believing such things, however, can present certain problems for your average person. What if all feeling were induced from outside by the energy of another, often times projected unconsciously, into your own energetic field? Once you became conscious of this, would romance lose it all its luster and true love become merely a rationalization for the violent conquests of animal magnetism. Here is the gateway to a realm of tinfoil hats and reclusive hermitage, although this is by no means a gateway through which the powerful or the brave must pass. Know your mind and your own energy and a brave new world of energy manipulation and psychic influence can be yours to explore.

          Or else you could always make yourself a tinfoil hat and hide away in a warded cave. The choice is yours.

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