The Danger of Monotheism

          Evil delights in any and all deceptions which will allow it either to pass for good or else to remain undetected for what it truly is.* In other words, evil often revels in gathering undeserved moral praise and distinction for itself, wherever and whenever it may, but alternatively, particularly in those circumstances where such praise is not readily available, it will also jump at the opportunity to cloud or to even destroy our ability to form any sort of moral distinctions at all. For this reason, the two most popular forms of rhetorical moralizing, which are the vain claims of one’s own righteousness and the reckless arguments against making any sort of moral distinction at all between right and wrong, should both be considered highly suspect.

          It is, in my opinion, this self interested drive to interfere with true moral clarity that has caused the powers that be, time any time again, to endorse monotheistic faiths over far less politically flattering dualistic and polytheistic religions. Although all of these faiths admit to a realm of moral conflict, only a dualist or polytheistic outlook allows such moral inquiries to extend all the way to the top of the ladder of power, or to consider that the aims of power might, in fact, be antithetical to those of true moral goodness. In stark contrast to this, monotheistic faiths provide the ruling class with an implied endorsement from what we are to assume is an undisturbed and undisputed source of moral authority, one that, like those in power, reigns absolutely from above us all and which has obviously chosen to have all things be however they are. Dualist heresies have been stamped out within the Catholic Church, for example, because they do not promote political stability for those in power, nor do they force the weak and oppressed to accept their horrible circumstances as something that’s part of “God’s plan,” just another victim of their lord’s “mysterious ways.”

          The second greatest tragedy of this age is our reluctance, and at times complete unwillingness, to recognize the presence of corruption and wickedness within those who have power over us. This of course stems from the greatest tragedy, which is the inability of most of us to do anything about it anyway. It is for these reasons that evil has had free reign to masquerade as good, or simply sweep aside all charges of moral evil as the childish and naive sentiments of a more superstitious age. On behalf of the good, I beg you, strengthen yourself however you can, and do not be deceived either by the panglossian surrender to mysterious ways or the postmodernist conceit that goodness is a mere illusion.

* (These deceptions most certainly extend to completely unconscious acts of self deception, so one should not overlook the very real possibility of such delusional lapses in reason within one’s own mind as well.)

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