Join the Underground Zombie Resistance!

          The real Zombie Apocalypse will not be obvious, dramatically revealed by fields of blood and gore. Its victims will not shamble in mass through otherwise abandoned streets, hunting the last few desperate survivors of the human race so as to actually eat their brains. Governments will not fall, businesses and homes will not close and bar their doors in terror, and society will not grind to an absolute halt, at least not in any way that reveals or betrays this terrible and secret Apocalypse. I know this is true because I myself have been infected, and the pale influence of this horrible infection is almost completely invisible; undetectable, at times, even to me. This, sadly, is what makes it nearly impossible to resist.

          Of course, it’s quite possible that, somewhere out there, there remains a small uninfected elite, acting as wardens and shepherds to the directionless and disaffected masses of zombie slaves, or simply hiding out in some secluded bunker, struggling to maintain their own humanity, but I can’t clearly conceive of such beings anymore. Once infected, the psychic force of the malady engulfs the mind completely, fogging both memory and imagination, causing both will and desire to slowly wither and die. The dull pragmatism of the disease overwhelms all of the so-called bohemian virtues; until strange concepts like art, truth, honor, freedom, even love, lose all meaning within the minds of the infected. Culture is replaced by consumerism, education by certification, creation by industry and endless reproductions. Nearly all forms of order corrupt and twist beneath the weight of the zombie menace, becoming nothing more than thinly veiled pretenses for merely surviving, or “at best” exploiting, among these soulless monsters.

          When the last pieces of me have finally succumbed, I will probably no longer write such nonsense. I will probably be “all right.” For now, I am still resisting the perhaps inevitable death that comes before death, and hope that these simple words, like the lifeless protocols that keep the corporations themselves from grinding to a halt, will preserve and reawaken some small piece of what I once was; if, that is, I am indeed to be completely consumed by the darkness that now draws near, but I truly hope that some small part of the human being I once was will continue to live on inside me.

          I said they will not shamble in the streets. I said they will not hunt you, and that they will not want to eat your brains. These things are only partly true. Look closely. If this missive awakens some small spark within you, realize in that moment of lucidity that they have been hunting you since you were a child, and you have been “bitten” enough times that, like most of us, you will find unmistakable signs of that shambling zombie gait within the sleep waking footsteps of your own “modern” life.

          The truth is, the secret and nearly unnoticeable rise of the Zombies will not, as the movies claim, disturb the status quo one bit, and will in fact only cause both big brother and big business to boom. This was, after all, its intended purpose when the disease was originally engineered. Where it was once feared that this boom might only be temporary, that the infection would become so wide spread and so dramatic that there would be no one left unaffected, no one with the will to direct all these complex organizations, it now appears that mere habit, as well as gratuitous amounts of protocol and procedure, are sufficient to direct a zombie workforce. In short, the world will not end with a bang, but rather will drone on indefinitely with the inescapable, monotonous, hum of corporate progress.

          I don’t know if it’s a physical infection, hidden within our meat or some vaccine, or if the attack is purely psychic, televised or advertised or transmitted in some far more subtle and occult manner than even I can imagine, but I do know that we can only resist this Zombie Apocalypse if you can open your eyes and detect the tragic reality of it first. I believe that the mind can heal itself, the human spirit can be reawoken, and we can support and help each other as we all struggle together against the insidious power of this terrible disease. Inoculate yourselves and those around you with you own art and self awareness. Create wonders. Dance. Make love. Move at more than a shambling pace. Kiss in public. Climb something. Play. Disrupt misery and the viciousness of the miserable. Be alive.

          Welcome to the Zombie Resistance. Good Luck and Namaste.

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