Leary's Seven Circuit Model of the Human Brain

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            I found this short four minute clip of Robert Anton Wilson explaining how Timothy Leary's conception of our psychological make-up relates to the days of the week. What's not made very clear in this short treatment of it (it's only about 4 minutes long) is that the fifth circuit, which I think Wilson describes as the circuit of sexual ecstasy, is referred to by Leary as the neuro-somatic (i.e. mind-body) circuit, and is activated by far more than just "Tantra," at least as we commonly understand that word. This higher circuit can be activated by any intense physical discipline that engages one's full consciousness and one's often under-stimulated somatic nervous system. Things like Chi Gung, Baguazang, Capoeira, or even Parkour and Ballet, can, if used properly, all provide the means to redistribute and rewrite one's consciousness, a consciousness which is otherwise arbitrarily shaken out across the first four circuits by sheer happenstance and the random, often less than fortuitous, circumstances of one's early life.

            I also didn't like the way that Wilson reduced and oversimplified the fourth circuit as if it was merely about sexual behavior. Leary called it the Socio-sexual circuit but at the same time claimed that it encompassed all of our taboos and moral inhibitions as well, thus the "socio" part of that title. However, all things considered, Wilson's observations concerning Leary's system (which I'm sure he understood in far more depth than he presented it here) and it's link to the days of the week is remarkably insightful. If you've never read any of Wilson's stuff, you really, really, should. I recommend all of it.

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