The Return of the Gods

          “We can no longer deny that the dark stirrings of the unconscious are active powers, that psychic forces exist which, for the present at least, cannot be fitted into our rational world order.”
                                                                 - Carl Gustav Jung

          Much of magic is an experience of inward forces and realities, intangible forces which, at times, can produce dramatic changes in external reality. The most obvious magical effects are often the ones most readily dismissed as mere coincidence, imagination, or outright hallucination, but the reason for these sad rationalizations is that we have been heavily conditioned to keep ourselves in the dark about such things. The clearest and most reliable measure of the subjugation of a divine being is the amount of distance that can be created between the outside world that surrounds him or her and what lies within. When our minds are deprived of vital knowledge about the world in which we live, and our voices are silenced by fear, or even just lack of articulation on our part, it’s not long before the truth, which was once so clear in our heart, dies as well.

          The truth is that each one of us carries an inverse model of the universe within our minds, and each of these models are not just acted upon by changes which occur in the “real” world, but can actually influence the physical world around us as our model of it is changed. The primary factor which controls one’s level of mastery in this regard seems to be that feeling of distance I mentioned above, a feeling which is artificially induced, to various degrees, in billions of human minds around the world.

          Why, you might ask, would anyone want to exchange a world full of gods for one of sacrificial lambs? Because the cosmic power of even a subjugated divinity is still able to shape reality, and without your conscious control over this strange quantum entanglement that makes you divine, your actual effect on the world will be directed by whomever’s message has the greatest impact on the collective unconscious. In the world as it exists today, some still get to be gods, but the bulk of us will exist only as tools, to be used by those in power via media, religion, politics, and, of course, art as well.

          The only gods we must fear, or who may actually save us, are those we’ve created ourselves. If like many in this materialist age, you believe them to be nothing but superstitions, you should still be careful about what sort of things might yet endure within the fertile depths of your own unconscious. Our archetypal images of the divine were once potent psychic mechanisms by which our natural power to shape reality was focused and directed, that is until a state sponsored monotheism condemned almost all of them as demons, and tried its best to keep the last one as far out of reach as possible. Science came along to sweep aside this exploitive religious hierarchy that sprang up on the bones of conquered shamans and their extinguished gods, but the paltry modern practices of depth psychology which have been offered up to replace our stolen spirituality is, in my opinion, hardly adequate.

          Rather than seeking to deny the power of these shadowy figures of bygone faiths, or even that of overbearing Jehovah Himself, we can instead learn how to communicate and work with them in more effective ways, and on what many of you will find to be far more agreeable terms than you’re probably used to as well. I believe that once you’ve done this, you’ll find these ancient gods, and the demons as well, to be invaluable allies on your upcoming journey into a brave new world of powerful psychic technologies, a world which has been lost to mankind since it forgot who it really is.

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