The Central Logistical Conundrum

All of the primary obstacles to apotheosis stem from what I will call the central logistical conundrum. The central logistical conundrum is that the distance between the mind and the matter is often vast and the objective world, where we wish to manifest, is well sealed and protected in many ways against invasions by the sort of higher beings that we are each attempting to become. There are a few points in particular that I feel must be addressed before the fantastical states of mind which one may have successfully engineered within have any hope of being exporting out into the real world.

As you may already know, cognitive dissonance is the term for any psychological discomfort caused by holding two contradictory ideas at the same time. Before we have any hope of successfully defining ourselves, we must confront the fact that the world has prepared its own definitions for us long before we even could consider the possibility of self-definition or reinvention. Many of the possible objections that the world will assert against the reality of our new selves may be merely customary, as with preexistent expectations placed on us by our friends, family, society or culture. Our race, gender, body type, even our manner of expression can evoke palpable expectations from others as to the supposed nature of our inner being. Yet the difficulties these present are minor compared to the psychological limitations that are imposed on us by far more firmly held belief systems, such as those connected to religion, science, or even most people’s experience of day to day reality.

            The Ishmaeli Assassins used to say that, “There is no such thing as belief, only action.” This is a good rule of thumb that one can apply in order to combat cognitive dissonance. Ultimately, proof should and must be given, if only for ourselves, for whatever it is we claim to be. We must not only train to create the real world effects that our strange aspirations demand of us, we must find as many opportunities to manifest these talents on a regular basis as possible. Such opportunities will become far more numerous, and less difficult in countless other ways, if we can gather other aspiring meta-humans around us. A community of any size can provide support and encouragement, training assistance, protection, and an appropriate milieu for our gradual transformation into higher beings.

            Where can one find such a community? Obviously, not all meta-human needs are the same, but the internet provides certain places where anyone’s search can begin. Beyond a simple Google search, there are also numerous online communities, gathered together within a particular social networking site, that one should explore. Youtube is a good place to simultaneously display one’s attainments and network with others who are moving in similar directions. For example, there is a growing community of real-life superheroes there who, although not technically meta-humans, are generally far more supportive of the idea than the average person.

            Yet no matter how many supporters one does or does not have, in the end, our real word actions are all that really matter. Another way to look at this is as if apotheosis demands a certain degree of conquest over one’s space and time. By thinking in these terms one can dedicate certain locations, such as a place one goes to train, or a particular space in one’s home, to their becoming, and always maintain such a place somewhere, even if it must be moved from time to time. This can also be done in regard to certain times of the day, days of the week, or dates on the calendar, specifically dedicating any of these to one’s transformation by prescribing certain actions to these certain times. I find that actively acknowledging the gods behind each day of the week often provides me with an added excuse to take actions that I might not have otherwise been motivated to take.

            The point of all of this is to engineer an environment that is more conducive to action so that one moves more quickly towards one’s goals. Whatever form of evolution you may wish to bring into this world, remember that I am here to aid you and I wish you luck. Namaste.

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