Djinn Army Propaganda

       The infamous Djinn Army moves beneath the cover of darkness, plotting and executing various acts of esotericism to weaken, or rend asunder, the veil which protects the mundane world from the fantastic and supernatural influence of the Djinn. Our attacks on the insipid empire of the living dead range from guerrilla gardening and seed bombing operations, strategically placed to combat the entropic decay of the urban wasteland, to engineering actual portals into the mythic realm through the creation of fairy shelters, magic circles, spirit shrines, and other highly public signs of resistance and rebellion against banality. Often it's enough to temporarily impose one's energies on a public space through bold acts of urban exploration, buildering, and elaborate displays of ritual theater; whatever draws people's attention away from the everyday experience of a tedious consensus reality and reawakens our all too often neglected sense of wonder and amazement.

       Obviously, if one plans on altering property that isn't one's own, it's preferable to get consent from anyone who is otherwise going to end up reversing one's efforts. Particularly with guerrilla gardening, community support is often vital to the long term success of the operation, so that others in the area will not only help nourish and protect the new vegetation in times of drought but will also become more aware of their own power to modify and improve the landscape around them. Ultimately however, the Djinn Army is at war. Ours is a desperate struggle against the death of magick and the ever accelerating zombie apocalypse and this is a war that must, and will, be won by any means necessary. Namaste.

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