Happy Halfoween

        Just a reminder to everyone that this Friday is Halfoween, the secret witch's holiday marking the time of the year when the veil is at its thickest and disincarnate spirits desperately need our help to manifest here in the material world. Like Halloween, costumes and gourd carving are encouraged, but Halfoween is twice as fun as Halloween, since it's only for witches and all of this stuff is directly used to aid our communication with the spirit world.

        Seances, Goetic evocations, playing Bloody Mary, using weedgie boards, or sleeping in cemeteries or mausoleums are all fun Halfoween activities.

        It's also a great day to go out and buy graveyard dirt with a mercury dime and petition some departed soul to serve your will from beyond the grave.

        Or perhaps you'd prefer building a fairy house out in the woods, or an urban spirit shrine somewhere a bit more public, so that others may stumble upon them and feed the spirit world as well.

        And let's not forget the Great Old Ones; I mean, these immortal titans aren't gonnna raise themselves now are they?

        However YOU decide to celebrate, I hope that everyone has a Happy Halfoween this year and that at least a few of the spirits you raise will help to raise yours as well.

Happy Holidays from your Humble Servant,
Simon Z

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