Love thy Enemies

The Prosperity Creed

True victory isn’t measured by what we attain
but by how much our power to attain grows.

Our desires and their obstacles are all that we need,
for these delineate the path
and inspire the means
by which we will prosper.

Any outside force which clears the path for us,
or alienates us from our true desires and ambitions,
impedes our only opportunity to truly prosper
and, therefore, is not a real blessing, but a curse.

Ultimately, the only real power one has lies within,
and such power is only ever truly benefited or affirmed
wherever and whenever it is denied by another.

So remember that every curse is, in fact, a blessing,
every problem is a golden opportunity,
each test is its own best instructor,
and every loss, if one learns,
provides one’s only true gain.

For our true victories aren’t measured by what we’ve attained
but by how much our powers to attain have grown.

This is the code of the Assassins.

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