Why the Templars?

Their name has inspired fear, anger, admiration, and curiosity for over 800 years, but who were, or are, these Knights Templar? The historical answer to that question are grounds which have been rather well traveled by countless other historians up to this point, and these mysterious grounds will continue to be retread by countless further investigations, I’m sure, far off into the distant future. I encourage everyone to better acquaint themselves with the many gruesome details surrounding the fall of the Knights Templar, and draw from these whatever one may, but the question that really needs to be asked isn’t who or what they were, but why anyone cares?

Why has this obscure order of crusading knights commanded so much interest since their meteoric rise to power in the middle ages? Some of this, of course, can be attributed to the amalgamation of spirituality and martiality which these Knights uniquely embody. Others may attribute their fame to the mysterious circumstances under which the Order fell, embroiled in accusations of the darkest heresies and various magical misdeeds. So much has been speculated about the infamous Knights Templar that we must also consider the realities of all that has sprung forth from their name, the countless lesser incarnations of this original order, ranging from the mercenary to the mystical, and each claiming legitimacy in different ways and to different ends. So a definitive answer to “who” they are becomes quite muddied the further one searches, but “why” they command the respect that they do, at the very least, seems simple enough to nail down.

The Knights Templar have become perhaps the best qualified inheritors of all manner of spiritual mystery too great or too powerful for the common man, a sacred trust to which we’ve imparted our most dangerous secrets. As stated above, these Knights alone have come to exemplify a rare and almost paradoxical union of spiritual and martial prowess, and so who else could be expected to stand on the front lines between mankind and the various unknown monsters of his imagination? Where else might we expect to find the forbidden truths of magic and the dark arts than in the possession of those who supposedly were burned for playing with such spiritual fire? Why else would you go looking for the Templars if you yourself weren’t hoping to uncover such infernal mysteries?

My upcoming book, The Hermetic Grimiore of the Neo-Templar Order will delve into the mysteries of Hermeticism, which includes Alchemy, Astrology and the conjuration of spirits, both the divine and the infernal. The book will also teach false, or stage, magic as well, the principles and techniques of which will help one immensely as he or she attempt to build a bridge between mundane reality and the realm of the impossible. I am almost half way there, with only a month left to finish. Wish me luck.

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