The Via Sinistra

       All human beings unconsciously navigate a web of energetic currents, pushing and pulling each one of them towards the destiny of their choosing. The choice is there even if our awareness of it is not, as all of the movements which are inspired by the subtle call of our chosen path can easily be rationalized later on. Perhaps the most basic operation of our energetic sense is our uncanny ability to circumvent countless unseen dangers without ever knowing what almost happened to us. The short cuts down dark allies that we don’t take, the stranger that we don’t talk to, the countless tiny risks that we each choose to avoid in a million different ways each day, are all part of our interaction with subtle energies that most of us are responding to as naturally as electricity runs itself to ground.

       Rather than live a life like everyone else, freefalling like lightning to the safety of the earth, some choose to attune themselves to the call of different energy currents than that which directs the course of the largely unconscious masses. Through the use of symbols and other conduits for psychic energy the mind can be realigned to find itself in times and places that normally it would have avoided. This is the secret gateway that all heroes must pass through in order to face dangers that would otherwise continue to stalk the weak and helpless. This is the seal that would have to be broken in order to release the Titans or any of the other infernal forces. This is the door that opens onto the Via Sinistra.

       The most obvious way to find the Via Sinistra is to sincerely start looking for it, instead of instinctually dodging it, the way most sane people do. This can be as simple as the pursuit of ceremonial magic, or parapsychology, to penetrate the secrets concealed in the shadows of our consciousness, or living with the heroic understanding that any trouble you’re fortunate enough to encounter and eliminate in the world is trouble that won’t be preying upon anyone else. Some seek to harness and unleash the power of the Via Sinistra onto an unsuspecting public, while others vow to stand in its way, but both sides must be able to find it first.

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