Zombie Torture

"Those who fight monsters should be careful lest they become monsters themselves."

            Those recruited into the Djinn Army to work against the zombie epidemic must each be screened very carefully least the knowledge they gain be twisted and used to evil ends. The inoculation process we currently use can be slow and tedious work indeed, as most zombies are highly resistant, if not down right unresponsive, to any actions that are aimed at the provocation of self-awareness, deep philosophical thought, or real introspection. It has been argued by some on the fringes of our science that these zombies, if they have any hope of awakening, can only be “shocked” into consciousness and perspective, by having their gross degeneracy and mindlessness made overwhelming and painfully apparent, not only to themselves, but, at times, to the authorities and the media as well. This approach, which I strongly caution against, is often referred to as “zombie torture,” and proponents of this radical and dangerous strategy can cite amazing examples of its application even just within recent history.

           Perhaps one of the most stunning displays of zombie torture can be seen in the alleged work of one David Stewart, a Florida man accused of making phone calls to numerous fast food chains across the country, in which he convinced the manager to detain, strip search, and even sexually abuse, some random employee that he would accuse of stealing a customer's purse. Not only did the voice on the other end of the line claim to be a police officer, but it also claimed to have some corporate higher-up on the other line, further condoning, in the minds of these managers, the acceptability of the voice's increasingly strange demands. Although individual co-workers brought into this game would often refuse to co-operate with these odd and torturous commands, few, if any, it seems, interfered. What’s most horrible, however, is that it appears that more than one restaurant manager followed all of the mysterious voices twisted orders to the letter; detaining, spanking, and in one case even sodomizing, their young “suspects” for literally hours on end. Authorities now believe the man in question may have been responsible for perhaps hundreds of such crimes over a ten year period, starting in the early 90’s and ending, as far as anyone knows, around June of 2004, when, perhaps coincidentally, the above mentioned David Stewart was arrested for these crimes. However, it should be noted that all formal charges against David Stewart eventually had to be dropped, due to the fact that the police had insufficient evidence to convince a jury that he had made any of the alleged calls. To date, the true identity of the voice on the phone, and their ultimate motives for such behavior, remains a mystery.

           One, of course, can not help but be reminded of the infamous Milgram compliance experiments, where a Yale professor tested how long the subjects in his psych study would comply with the commands of a person dressed in a lab-coat as the authority figure ordered them to administer increasingly greater electrical shocks to another supposed participant in the study. As you may know, people everywhere were, if you’ll excuse the pun, “shocked” at the murderous extremes to which the weight of authority can push otherwise normal people. The study, like the mysterious voice at the other end of the fast-food chain phone, showed how little actual free will, or perhaps active compassion, is actually present in our modern world; although one would think that any illusions people had in this regard would have already been shattered long ago by the various horrors of the Holocaust. The zombies, unsurprisingly however, seem to remain unaware and/or undisturbed by the reality of their state to this very day.

           If the Holocaust did so little to wake us up, what makes any rouge zombie researcher think that he or she can spread enlightenment via similar displays of mindless compliance and chaos. I believe that, deep down, these rogue social engineers don’t believe that they are doing any real good to anyone, but are merely lashing out at a blind, and therefore often cruel, populous; preying on those who’ve fallen asleep midlife, and are therefore ripe for such abuses. These sad researchers of the epidemic, in their own way, have each themselves succumbed to the very same zombie disease that all of us within the Djinn Army have been recruited to fight, having retained much of their self-awareness perhaps, but clearly having lost both their compassion and their humanity, and therefore having become something far less than human as well. If you encounter them, beware; for these are even greater monsters than those we would normally fight, and we must each be very careful, even if we can’t always stop them, to be certain that we ourselves don’t become anything like them.

           Many of the special techniques used by the Djinn army will reveal various weaknesses and leverage points of a human mind under the influence of Phobosophitis. Although such knowledge is an invaluable aid to the inoculation process, it can also be very easily abused, and so again, I implore each of you to please observe the proper protocols when attempting to judge who should be recruited and trained as an aeonic endjinneer, and who would, due to disposition and personal tendency, better serve our cause, and the world itself, as merely an asset. It is of course my hope that those who understand the call will answer it, but only those who come to us for the right reasons should be armed with the dangerous knowledge that we possess. Namaste.

The Poisonous Paradigm

             The philosopher and scientist Thomas Kuhn defined the word “paradigm” as "...a constellation of concepts, values, perceptions and practices shared by a community which forms a particular vision of reality that is the basis of the way a community organizes itself." Phobosophitis, which is now being treated less like a disease and more and more as simply a prevailing social phenomenon, is a massive systemic failure stemming from a design flaw within the predominating baseline paradigm of our age. This paradigm, which had been gradually engineered over time in order to keep humanity safe and to stabilize the status quo, is highly inhospitable to various divergent elements, such as meta-humanity, quantum engineering, and individual primacy, which now may be vital to the survival of the human race. We will examine each of these concepts in turn.

            Meta-humanity is a term that encompasses a wide variety of divergent, often fantastic, variations of which the human race is capable. Unfortunately, this is an idea that has been relegated to the realms of fantasy and myth within our modern "scientific" age, thanks to a combination of mass skepticism, disinformation and, many have argued, the systematic extermination and concealment of prominent meta-humans throughout history. The capacity for modern meta-humans to exhibit their special talents, for either heroic or villainous ends, has been almost completely destroyed by the modern paradigm’s corruption of another important phenomenon, one which, for rhetorical and explanatory purposes, we’ll be referring to as quantum engineering. The various large-scale effects of quantum engineering, both those which are consciously created as well as unconsciously created, are something that must be properly understood, and better controlled, if humanity is to actually survive the massive problems that it has created for itself.

            Quantum engineering is a basic human ability which is itself fundamental to any complete explanation of the meta-human phenomenon alluded to above; an ability which, with its enormous power largely enslaved to our modern materialistic paradigm, is primarily responsible for the nearly unstoppable power and pervasiveness of the phobosophitis epidemic that we all currently face. In short, quantum engineering is the ability of human beings to affect the course of world events, indeed the very structure of reality itself, simply by their observation and, at its most advanced levels, basic expectations as well. Modern science currently acknowledges the fact that human observation has a very limited, however undeniable, effect on the very fringes of quantifiable reality, namely at the subatomic level, but scientists have been unable to make the leap to establishing a testable display of quantum engineering at the greater than subatomic scale. We within the Djinn Army believe there are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that the modern paradigm itself is so strongly against it.

            Perhaps the single greatest problem that we face is the destruction of our basic belief in, and our understanding of, individual primacy. As the population grows and the zombie epidemic threatens to wash all individuated consciousness from the planet, we are seeing faith in the importance of the individual vanish; more and more the focus of human life is shifting from the individual onto mass conglomerations of social groups, from political parties and special interest groups to corporations and demographics. The idea that any individual person has inherent value or can truly affect the world, outside of their meager contributions to these faceless and amorphous giants, is at an all time low. Yet it is precisely this sense of individual autonomy and the recognition of each person's unique worth and human dignity that will allow us to overturn the rising wave of zombie oppression, hopelessness, and group think that has cast its deadly spell over our dying planet. The poisonous paradigm can be broken completely by the unencumbered might of just one awakened individual's quantum engineering, and then all of the various meta-humans, in all of their former glory, will at last return.

            It's important to point out that, although some people hear such talk and think that I’m referring to some kind of mass reincarnation of mythical figures from ages long gone, the truth is that I don't believe in reincarnation per say; simply that, as appropriate, I understand that all things can, do, and will reoccur. Only the impossible remains dead or unborn forever, but fortunately for us, very little is actually impossible, even with the world’s quantum engineering aligned against us. As they say within certain sects of the Illuminati, “Every man and woman is a star.” As it gets darker and darker, the world will bear witness to how very brightly some of us can shine; Perhaps, we will all find, that you yourself are the One upon which everything now hangs. Namaste.

Pittsburgh Occupation: Day 1

          Day one of the occupation of Pittsburgh is going well. I have begun a systematic plan to apply various cures to its aliments that may or may not prove successful. First, I have reached out into various pockets of resistance that may provide me with the external motivation and actual allies that I’ll need to in order survive my prolonged battle against the zombie menace. Tomorrow I will meet with the fire spinners who gather in Frick Park and spend much of the day practicing poi. The next day I plan to try and reconnect with my old Kung Fu school, committing myself to the recovery of that magical current. On Monday I have been invited to teach an ongoing Cardio-Kickboxing class downtown, and on the following day, I will attend an open meeting of the Association of American Magicians, looking to further my abilities in Mentalism, Escapology, and Sleight of Hand.

         As I previously mentioned, my local friends will be a key component in the war effort. I have been given permission to place a break dancing station, as well as to begin a systematic test of a few possible contaminants that may lie within the food and the water here, at a house where I will likely be spending much of my time. I feel that I am racing against a clock in this regard, attempting to manifest positive results in the lives of my closest friends here before my incessant meddling alienates them completely. My only hope is that my sincerity and my faith in their unrealized potential for greater levels of freedom and happiness pushes the terminus of that countdown back considerably. This is not a fight that I will win in a day, but the initial reception of my goals has been congenial, at the very least. Today I not only did an hour of poi practice with one of them, but I convinced her to enter into a pact with me towards the realization of our various ambitions; mine to remain sober in the mist of great debauchery, and her’s to complete a novel. She may also be making me a sandwich later. Today has been good.

         After I post this I will make a few phone calls, get something to eat, and probably venture out into the city. I have a strength in me right now that is rare, but not unprecedented; what would be unprecedented would be for it to last. That is my goal over the next month. I will sustain this fire, grow it in intensity, and overcome my invisible adversary. If this message reaches you, I hope it draws you to my cause, as I desperately could use a few more allies to carry me when I grow weak; but if you never come, so be it. I will not be, as I may have been in times past, snuffed out by your indifference. I am reborn. God help those who stand in my way.

The Djinn Army Moves to Capture Pittsburgh

           I have witnessed the city I am about to engage snuff the light from more than a few promising magicians; killing two chaos magicians and a Setian priest with the needle, shooting another close friend of mine, a young engineer, right in the face, and enslaving so many others to milder but just as demanding addictions that I wouldn’t know where to start counting. It has been said that it is the spiritual center for the Illuminati here in America, it hosts at least three different Thelemic lodges to my knowledge, and it was the childhood home of Lilith Sinclair, later to become Lilith Aquino, vampyr queen of the infamous Temple of Set. Voodoo gangs leave gutted men hanging from their heels in its ghettos, not far from where its infamously brutal police force has done even worse.

           I cut my own Gnostic teeth in this steel city, and, under its blue collar malaise, I too have been prone to levels of drug and degeneration worse than I have known in any other place, but, this time, things will be different, because this time, I have a mission.

           The Djinn Army now moves to conquer and cleanse Pittsburgh PA, to break the beast who for far too long has fattened itself on my dearest kin. The crucible will finally crack and from its molten bowls will rise a handful of those most precious Philosophers’ Stones, or else I will burn away to nothing trying.

           However, I can’t do this all by myself; I will require allies, both real and imaginary. My imaginary allies, who always seem to outnumber the real, will serve now to witness this sacred oath; that I will never again drowned my mind in drugs or alcohol; that I will train at least once everyday, even if no one else will train with me; that I will finish whatever I start and start whatever I must to see myself and my city transformed into something amazing; that I will see all others who join me in this Good Work rise, and topple all of those who stand in our way; that I will make a home, and a name, and maintain my very own space where transformations of mind and body and spirit can happen on a daily basis; I swear all this as I plot my return to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

           My real allies, should they appear will be needed, at very least, to help me stay the course. These allies will be those who respect my vows of sobriety; those who train with me, and call me to train, even when I have lost my motivation; those who will believe in this mission enough to provide me with the aid I’ll need to transform this city into what we all know it can be; those who don’t simply want change, but will help to make it happen. I hope you are out there, and that this reaches you.

           I know I’m not always easy to work with, nor is the work itself very easy, but I also know that I will most certainly reach a point where whatever abilities I have been granted will prove to be inadequate, and in that moment, I can only pray that I will not be alone. However, if I am, which is not unlikely, I pray that I will find the strength to go on from somewhere inside myself, and that I will draw strength from those countless fallen sparks that my steel city has consumed in its forges.

           To inaugurate this new age I have chosen July 16th for a great celebration. This is a date best known as “Parade Day” over in Ireland, when the Protestants and the Catholics, without fail, riot in the streets each and every year, without either of these two groups ever really knowing that it’s actually the birthday of the mighty Set, Egyptian God of Darkness, that they’re celebrating with all this ignorant strife. What better day to meet the Devil head on, momentarily give him his due, and commence a celebration of the human spirit that will hopefully continue ‘til we all meet him again, at the same time and the same place, next year?

           Check back here at for more details, as these should be forthcoming over the next few weeks, and, if you can, please take a moment to consider what you personally may possess that you can bring to our humble counterattack against this terrible Zombie Apocalypse that we’re gathering together at the height of the summer to fight against. Namaste.

Change vs. Happiness

Change and Happiness demand very different things. Change requires a need, or even just a desire, to have things be different, and this can, if only temporarily, get in the way of being happy, because it gets in the way of believing that things are already however one wants them to be. On the other hand, happiness doesn't actually require any change at all, except perhaps for a change in perspective, because one can, and often does, rationalize one's way to happiness no matter what's going on around him or her. I believe that changing the way I see things, which might initially allow me to be happier about things, certainly doesn't change things in and of themselves, and actually interferes with the clarity and motivation that is necessary should I have any hope of producing changes in reality itself. This is why drugs, alcohol, and various other superficial “happy makers,” are ultimately obstructions to real change.

Djinn Army PSA: Phobosophitis

             Do you find that most of life’s problems can be solved with a little creative shopping? Is television your primary form of entertainment? Do you feel less creative, adventurous, or excited about things than you used to be? Do you find that there’s just not enough time in the day, especially for things like exercise? Are you tired right now? Despite this constant lack of energy, do you believe that everything will work out in the end? Does that belief come from a strong faith in the greater wisdom of some sort of higher power, be it God, country, science, or perhaps all three? Have you ever gotten a headache from thinking too hard? Are you ordinary? If you answered “yes” to most or all of these questions then you might be suffering from an illness called phobosophitis, or, as it’s known by its more common name, the zombie disease.

            Since the outbreak and spread of the so-called zombie epidemic a subtle but pervasive shift in the human condition towards intellectual degeneration and volitional pacification has occurred throughout the world, one which medical science has been slow to address but which recently was posited as a leading threat to not only our national security but to the future of the human race in general. Although many of the above symptoms may appear to be as innocuous as they are ubiquitous, the gross spiritual passivity that lies at the root of these symptoms makes all higher cognitive functioning, as well as authentic democratic participation, impossible, rendering massive numbers of human beings inert and reactionary followers of whatever stimulus is most prevalent within their increasingly limited sphere of conscious awareness.

            Once infection has occurred, centers of consciousness begin to shut down in the body and brain, causing awareness to slowly atrophy until all higher cognitive functions have completely disappeared. Contrary to the shambling monstrosities we see in movies, the degradation and internal decay of actual zombies occurs so gradually, and is so subtle, that the disease is almost invisible to the untrained eye, indeed, even more so to the spiritually diminished zombies, whose very consciousnesses are being slowly extinguished. The basic ability to speak remains unaffected, and they appear to experience minor degrees of limited cognitive activity in response to many different kinds of external stimuli, but, in general, thoughts come with less and less frequency, and those that do come are of increasingly smaller orders of magnitude. Dreams are forgotten, all but the most animalistic passions fade, and the creative impulse, if it was ever present, dies. Things of an abstract nature, such as art, beauty, freedom, dignity, justice, or any sort of philosophical or spiritual speculations, will all gradually become more and more meaningless as the disease progresses, and such things will therefore elicit no authentic cognitive response, except perhaps for dismissal or hostility, from the infected.

            Since impairments to human consciousness fall largely outside of the scope of modern medical concerns, this silent epidemic has remained almost completely unstudied by the scientific community; that is, until just recently, with various new and experimental treatments quickly becoming available to fight this terrible epidemic. Given the rather insidious nature of this disease, raising people’s awareness through education is a crucial first step. The infected can then be started on a progressive series of regular inoculations which, studies have shown, can and will reverse many of the degenerative effects of this disorder. However, getting those who’ve succumbed to the disease to voluntarily seek help can be very difficult. If you, or someone you love, might be suffering from the early onset of phobosophitis, please talk to your doctor, or someone whose higher cognitive functioning you believe to have not yet been compromised, as soon as possible. Together, we can find a permanent and lasting cure to this illness and restore meaning and purpose to all human life.

From the Front Lines of the Zombie Resistance

          Days go by; I wake, I mull about doing this or that, but eventually, I must always return to sleep, and so it all starts over. Money, sex, approval; the pursuit of such things seems to occupy all of my time, although I gain little by way of these things, even on the days when they come. Even though I often abandon, or temporarily neglect, my pursuit of these all too common distractions, turning instead towards a vain search for some sort of “higher purpose” for my life, it would seem that I am trapped in a world that is largely devoid of such purpose. Is the trap only inside my mind, or is it in all of the minds around me?

          Because what’s even worse is that I seem unable to find anyone else who also feels themselves to be even the least bit trapped by any of this, or is aware, on any level, that they too may be merely distracting themselves until it’s time to submit to sleep once again. It’s as if they accept a life of small and petty victories, where we fight over various trophies of the flesh. It’s a life lived on behalf of our bellies, or, when we’re lucky, our reproductive organs. A life where the mind itself is simply to be dulled with whatever means must be applied to keep its natural dissatisfaction from interfering with its ubiquitous slavery to such carnal demands. Is such a life not a trap that you would wish to escape?

          I am an ineffectual reaction to an almost invisible theft that no one wants to face anyway. I live, like so many others, as the captive of an endless hunger and an ever looming pain, not just because I must serve them endlessly, but because, like those around me, I often seem to serve them mindlessly. Though my spirit may forget its struggles, the dull awareness of the flesh endures like the living dead creature it is, and it seems to always draw me right back to its needs, again and again and again. With no companions who wish to be conscious of an abstract and intangible struggle such as this, a gnostic sedition that most would just as soon not be engaged in, I am left with just this momentary awareness stated here for perhaps nothing more than my own benefit, this short testimony I leave as day breaks once again, where I will restate my belief that all of us are being corrupted and co-opted by the incessant weight of meaningless and petty concerns. I believe we could all be so much more, if we just wanted it, or maybe if we could just believe that we’d actually have anyone else to share our new lives with once we got them.

          With only a few moments before I must again return to sleep, I must admit that I pretty much lost the struggle again today, and I leave this sad confession to bear witness to a lonely moment in which I am filled with a simple conviction that there is something far more to life than the peaceful and monotonous continuity of this shallow struggle for praise and paper. Perhaps I will be better able to figure out exactly what that is tomorrow. Perhaps I will again create something new to pull me, and you, if you exist, out of this place, if only for just a moment. Namaste.

Sith Training

An Introduction to Sith Training


     The battle between Jedi and Sith is more than just a game of cops and robbers, although perhaps that's not a bad place to start. While Jedi are knights sworn to the protection of the Old Republic and the so-called "will of the people," which is nothing more or less than the status quo, the Sith are a self-serving cabal of autonomous magicians and witches, hunted by the guardians of ignorance and conformity for the natural danger that all Sith pose to those whose lives are controlled by fear, doubt, and weakness.


     Unlike Jedi, the difficult path of the Sith Lord is defined not by the absence of selfish motives, which is impossible anyway, but by the discipline and the power to realize such motives; to be able to protect one's own interests at all costs, even, if necessary, against the will of an entire universe.


      So, while Jedi strive to become more conscious of a single unified will within all the countless external forces that surrounds them, the Sith understand that the true will of the force is not actually unified at all. In fact, the will of the force flows in many directions at once, except, the Sith believe, in one place: within the mind of one who's cultivated the royal prerogative of a Sith Lord. As each Sith increases in his or her own clarity and aptitude, he or she becomes an even greater expression of this normally scattered and primitive life force, which becomes awakened, unified, and refined only within the context of its own darkest desires. Each Sith learns how to realize all of these desires through their mastery of the various aspect of Sith Sorcery outlined below, as well as in the lesser known practices of Sith Alchemy, a discipline whereby they manipulate and shape the very souls of those around them.


Lesser Sith Magick-
Lucid Dreaming
Mind Reading


Greater Sith Magick-
Force Magick
Mind Control


Sith Alchemical Molds-
The Slave
The Scholar
The Courtesan
The Artist
The Warrior
The King
The Mask


General Weapons Training-
Rope Dart


Light Saber Combat-


-Be Mindful