The Djinn Army Moves to Capture Pittsburgh

           I have witnessed the city I am about to engage snuff the light from more than a few promising magicians; killing two chaos magicians and a Setian priest with the needle, shooting another close friend of mine, a young engineer, right in the face, and enslaving so many others to milder but just as demanding addictions that I wouldn’t know where to start counting. It has been said that it is the spiritual center for the Illuminati here in America, it hosts at least three different Thelemic lodges to my knowledge, and it was the childhood home of Lilith Sinclair, later to become Lilith Aquino, vampyr queen of the infamous Temple of Set. Voodoo gangs leave gutted men hanging from their heels in its ghettos, not far from where its infamously brutal police force has done even worse.

           I cut my own Gnostic teeth in this steel city, and, under its blue collar malaise, I too have been prone to levels of drug and degeneration worse than I have known in any other place, but, this time, things will be different, because this time, I have a mission.

           The Djinn Army now moves to conquer and cleanse Pittsburgh PA, to break the beast who for far too long has fattened itself on my dearest kin. The crucible will finally crack and from its molten bowls will rise a handful of those most precious Philosophers’ Stones, or else I will burn away to nothing trying.

           However, I can’t do this all by myself; I will require allies, both real and imaginary. My imaginary allies, who always seem to outnumber the real, will serve now to witness this sacred oath; that I will never again drowned my mind in drugs or alcohol; that I will train at least once everyday, even if no one else will train with me; that I will finish whatever I start and start whatever I must to see myself and my city transformed into something amazing; that I will see all others who join me in this Good Work rise, and topple all of those who stand in our way; that I will make a home, and a name, and maintain my very own space where transformations of mind and body and spirit can happen on a daily basis; I swear all this as I plot my return to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

           My real allies, should they appear will be needed, at very least, to help me stay the course. These allies will be those who respect my vows of sobriety; those who train with me, and call me to train, even when I have lost my motivation; those who will believe in this mission enough to provide me with the aid I’ll need to transform this city into what we all know it can be; those who don’t simply want change, but will help to make it happen. I hope you are out there, and that this reaches you.

           I know I’m not always easy to work with, nor is the work itself very easy, but I also know that I will most certainly reach a point where whatever abilities I have been granted will prove to be inadequate, and in that moment, I can only pray that I will not be alone. However, if I am, which is not unlikely, I pray that I will find the strength to go on from somewhere inside myself, and that I will draw strength from those countless fallen sparks that my steel city has consumed in its forges.

           To inaugurate this new age I have chosen July 16th for a great celebration. This is a date best known as “Parade Day” over in Ireland, when the Protestants and the Catholics, without fail, riot in the streets each and every year, without either of these two groups ever really knowing that it’s actually the birthday of the mighty Set, Egyptian God of Darkness, that they’re celebrating with all this ignorant strife. What better day to meet the Devil head on, momentarily give him his due, and commence a celebration of the human spirit that will hopefully continue ‘til we all meet him again, at the same time and the same place, next year?

           Check back here at for more details, as these should be forthcoming over the next few weeks, and, if you can, please take a moment to consider what you personally may possess that you can bring to our humble counterattack against this terrible Zombie Apocalypse that we’re gathering together at the height of the summer to fight against. Namaste.

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