Pittsburgh Occupation: Day 1

          Day one of the occupation of Pittsburgh is going well. I have begun a systematic plan to apply various cures to its aliments that may or may not prove successful. First, I have reached out into various pockets of resistance that may provide me with the external motivation and actual allies that I’ll need to in order survive my prolonged battle against the zombie menace. Tomorrow I will meet with the fire spinners who gather in Frick Park and spend much of the day practicing poi. The next day I plan to try and reconnect with my old Kung Fu school, committing myself to the recovery of that magical current. On Monday I have been invited to teach an ongoing Cardio-Kickboxing class downtown, and on the following day, I will attend an open meeting of the Association of American Magicians, looking to further my abilities in Mentalism, Escapology, and Sleight of Hand.

         As I previously mentioned, my local friends will be a key component in the war effort. I have been given permission to place a break dancing station, as well as to begin a systematic test of a few possible contaminants that may lie within the food and the water here, at a house where I will likely be spending much of my time. I feel that I am racing against a clock in this regard, attempting to manifest positive results in the lives of my closest friends here before my incessant meddling alienates them completely. My only hope is that my sincerity and my faith in their unrealized potential for greater levels of freedom and happiness pushes the terminus of that countdown back considerably. This is not a fight that I will win in a day, but the initial reception of my goals has been congenial, at the very least. Today I not only did an hour of poi practice with one of them, but I convinced her to enter into a pact with me towards the realization of our various ambitions; mine to remain sober in the mist of great debauchery, and her’s to complete a novel. She may also be making me a sandwich later. Today has been good.

         After I post this I will make a few phone calls, get something to eat, and probably venture out into the city. I have a strength in me right now that is rare, but not unprecedented; what would be unprecedented would be for it to last. That is my goal over the next month. I will sustain this fire, grow it in intensity, and overcome my invisible adversary. If this message reaches you, I hope it draws you to my cause, as I desperately could use a few more allies to carry me when I grow weak; but if you never come, so be it. I will not be, as I may have been in times past, snuffed out by your indifference. I am reborn. God help those who stand in my way.

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