The Poisonous Paradigm

             The philosopher and scientist Thomas Kuhn defined the word “paradigm” as "...a constellation of concepts, values, perceptions and practices shared by a community which forms a particular vision of reality that is the basis of the way a community organizes itself." Phobosophitis, which is now being treated less like a disease and more and more as simply a prevailing social phenomenon, is a massive systemic failure stemming from a design flaw within the predominating baseline paradigm of our age. This paradigm, which had been gradually engineered over time in order to keep humanity safe and to stabilize the status quo, is highly inhospitable to various divergent elements, such as meta-humanity, quantum engineering, and individual primacy, which now may be vital to the survival of the human race. We will examine each of these concepts in turn.

            Meta-humanity is a term that encompasses a wide variety of divergent, often fantastic, variations of which the human race is capable. Unfortunately, this is an idea that has been relegated to the realms of fantasy and myth within our modern "scientific" age, thanks to a combination of mass skepticism, disinformation and, many have argued, the systematic extermination and concealment of prominent meta-humans throughout history. The capacity for modern meta-humans to exhibit their special talents, for either heroic or villainous ends, has been almost completely destroyed by the modern paradigm’s corruption of another important phenomenon, one which, for rhetorical and explanatory purposes, we’ll be referring to as quantum engineering. The various large-scale effects of quantum engineering, both those which are consciously created as well as unconsciously created, are something that must be properly understood, and better controlled, if humanity is to actually survive the massive problems that it has created for itself.

            Quantum engineering is a basic human ability which is itself fundamental to any complete explanation of the meta-human phenomenon alluded to above; an ability which, with its enormous power largely enslaved to our modern materialistic paradigm, is primarily responsible for the nearly unstoppable power and pervasiveness of the phobosophitis epidemic that we all currently face. In short, quantum engineering is the ability of human beings to affect the course of world events, indeed the very structure of reality itself, simply by their observation and, at its most advanced levels, basic expectations as well. Modern science currently acknowledges the fact that human observation has a very limited, however undeniable, effect on the very fringes of quantifiable reality, namely at the subatomic level, but scientists have been unable to make the leap to establishing a testable display of quantum engineering at the greater than subatomic scale. We within the Djinn Army believe there are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that the modern paradigm itself is so strongly against it.

            Perhaps the single greatest problem that we face is the destruction of our basic belief in, and our understanding of, individual primacy. As the population grows and the zombie epidemic threatens to wash all individuated consciousness from the planet, we are seeing faith in the importance of the individual vanish; more and more the focus of human life is shifting from the individual onto mass conglomerations of social groups, from political parties and special interest groups to corporations and demographics. The idea that any individual person has inherent value or can truly affect the world, outside of their meager contributions to these faceless and amorphous giants, is at an all time low. Yet it is precisely this sense of individual autonomy and the recognition of each person's unique worth and human dignity that will allow us to overturn the rising wave of zombie oppression, hopelessness, and group think that has cast its deadly spell over our dying planet. The poisonous paradigm can be broken completely by the unencumbered might of just one awakened individual's quantum engineering, and then all of the various meta-humans, in all of their former glory, will at last return.

            It's important to point out that, although some people hear such talk and think that I’m referring to some kind of mass reincarnation of mythical figures from ages long gone, the truth is that I don't believe in reincarnation per say; simply that, as appropriate, I understand that all things can, do, and will reoccur. Only the impossible remains dead or unborn forever, but fortunately for us, very little is actually impossible, even with the world’s quantum engineering aligned against us. As they say within certain sects of the Illuminati, “Every man and woman is a star.” As it gets darker and darker, the world will bear witness to how very brightly some of us can shine; Perhaps, we will all find, that you yourself are the One upon which everything now hangs. Namaste.

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