Sith Training

An Introduction to Sith Training


     The battle between Jedi and Sith is more than just a game of cops and robbers, although perhaps that's not a bad place to start. While Jedi are knights sworn to the protection of the Old Republic and the so-called "will of the people," which is nothing more or less than the status quo, the Sith are a self-serving cabal of autonomous magicians and witches, hunted by the guardians of ignorance and conformity for the natural danger that all Sith pose to those whose lives are controlled by fear, doubt, and weakness.


     Unlike Jedi, the difficult path of the Sith Lord is defined not by the absence of selfish motives, which is impossible anyway, but by the discipline and the power to realize such motives; to be able to protect one's own interests at all costs, even, if necessary, against the will of an entire universe.


      So, while Jedi strive to become more conscious of a single unified will within all the countless external forces that surrounds them, the Sith understand that the true will of the force is not actually unified at all. In fact, the will of the force flows in many directions at once, except, the Sith believe, in one place: within the mind of one who's cultivated the royal prerogative of a Sith Lord. As each Sith increases in his or her own clarity and aptitude, he or she becomes an even greater expression of this normally scattered and primitive life force, which becomes awakened, unified, and refined only within the context of its own darkest desires. Each Sith learns how to realize all of these desires through their mastery of the various aspect of Sith Sorcery outlined below, as well as in the lesser known practices of Sith Alchemy, a discipline whereby they manipulate and shape the very souls of those around them.


Lesser Sith Magick-
Lucid Dreaming
Mind Reading


Greater Sith Magick-
Force Magick
Mind Control


Sith Alchemical Molds-
The Slave
The Scholar
The Courtesan
The Artist
The Warrior
The King
The Mask


General Weapons Training-
Rope Dart


Light Saber Combat-


-Be Mindful

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