Djinn Army PSA: Graaaaaiins!

           My current research suggests that our consumption of grain based products, such as bread, pasta, pizza, pastries, cereal, cookies, cakes, etc., may play a larger part in the current strength of the zombie epidemic than I had originally realized, and, indeed, the popularity of grain-based products may itself trace back to an ancient conspiracy to cripple and better control the common man. Many people are familiar with the phrase “bread and circuses” in reference to the political usage of spectacular but shallow appeasements to help placate a sedentary and small minded populous, but few people understand that the “bread” part of this equation does far more than just ease our hunger, a secret that was probably well known to the ruling class as far back as 1600 B.C., if not earlier.

           It appears that the earliest recorded usage of wheat was in Ancient Egypt, where it was used to produce a hallucinogenic drug and a painkilling salve to be placed under bandages. As you may or may not know, wheat contains powerful opioid peptides, which not only dull and sedate the senses, but which are highly addictive as well. Although its stupefying properties can be hard to detect, especially for those who’ve grown up consuming wheat products as their primary dietary staple, or even just as comfort food, the massive power of the addiction becomes quite clear to anyone who tries to cut wheat from his or her diet for even a week or two. For some, the mere idea that there could be something dangerous about eating wheat may give rise to a certain degree of anxiety, fear, or even anger, making them unable to even consider the possibility that their diet, one that they share with millions of other people, could be having a debilitating effect on them and everyone else. Such, however, is the mind controlling nature of an addiction.

           Perhaps you're willing to agree that wheat may have some mild narcotic properties, yet wonder why or how I might have leaped to the strange conclusion that our diets may have been purposely engineered to help dull both our minds and spirits. The truth is that the hidden power of the wheat grain was in fact the central mystery revealed to initiates of the ancient Eleusinian mysteries, where it was proclaimed as a gift from the goddess Demeter to serve as the most important cornerstone of any peaceful and stable society. Today it has become even more deified and ritually administered within Christianity as the actual body of Christ; it’s even featured within their Lord’s Prayer, where children are first taught to ask for their “daily bread.” From here we have learned to start each day with cereal, and to celebrate each year with cake, while the noble Earl of Sandwich taught us all to wrap up just about anything else that we might consume within this sinister substance as well.

           If you think that it’s just a coincidence that the most popular religion of the masses revolves around a murdered god who turns himself into bread and wine just before he dies, than I dare you to go even just two weeks without any wheat-products, if you can. Only then will you see what has been done to you, and to probably everyone else that you know, by those who would have us crippled and kept like cattle. Only then will your mind and body become truly free, awake, and alive. Namaste and Good Luck.

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