The Quarantine Solution

            As mankind increases in technological sophistication, so too does our ability to destroy both ourselves and all else that shares our environment, moving us, and all other life, ever closer to the possibility of total extinction. Our minds are such that we possess a latent potential, and perhaps even a propensity, to invent disasters that will do harm on more than just the biological level; for once we are able to understand the foundations of time and space in great enough detail, our knowledge may even be able to imperial these as well.

           As long as man is possessed by an urge to conquer, there are only two viable directions for our species to move. The most obvious is the one where we are allowed to continue to extend our reach outward, inflicting whatever amounts of damage we can, on both our own world, and whatever else might lie beyond it. The other, which is called the Quarantine Solution, is to have our destructive impulses redirected into a virtual world that has been specially designed both to contain our species and to reflect its own worst impulses back at it. Quantum discoveries in physics suggest that we are, in fact, currently living somewhere within that second scenario.

           To put it even more succinctly, I ask that you now consider, as a possibility, the idea that the entire human race, in some long forgotten prehistory, was surreptitiously conquered by an enormously sophisticated alien video game. This strange scenario is in my opinion the best possible answer to the various “magical” experiences which I have had and to something which is called the Fermi Paradox, which states that the probability of advanced alien life existing somewhere else in this universe is so great that one has to wonder why we have not yet been contacted. Any sufficiently advanced alien species would have reasoned out all of the probable outcomes of direct contact with a species such as ours, and, these being uniformly bad outcomes, would most likely have opted instead for a plan of indirect contact. In short, by controlling the scope of what we believe to actual exist in reality, another species could thereby control the scope of what we could then make plans to dissect, exploit, conquer, or corrupt. This is the first benefit of the Quarantine Solution, the second being that it gives the outsiders a safe and controlled environment in which to educate and rehabilitate us.

            The first barrier we must overcome in order to fully comprehend the Quarantine Solution is to realize that what we think of as “outside” the quarantine, meaning actual reality, is usually wrongly conceived of as nothing but another version of the reality we all exist in right now. However, any attempt to think of the actual outside world in terms that make it simply another version of this world displays a gross failure to grasp the full meaning of this idea. You must first accept the possibility that you have no concept of what actual reality is like. Therefore, you are probably not, as movies like the Matrix assume when considering similar scenarios to the Quarantine Solution, a body, immersed in a dreamworld, locked inside a pod somewhere, rather it is more probable to consider that your current body is the pod that locks you into the dreamworld, and what you actually are is something that falls largely outside of your daily experience, except perhaps within your actual dreams, which we can have while these mobile experience machines must rest and recharge.

           If taken seriously, this is also the most charitable explanation for the bizarre testimonies of our various religious traditions, which basically describe a history of admonishments for more ethical behavior being handed down to us from "above." Religious people shun these reductionist theories as they imply some amount of deception on the behalf of the powers above us, although, as a species, we simply may not posses the intellectual capabilities necessary to not be self-deceived when greater intelligences attempt to impart certain complex spiritual concepts to us. For example, the concept of monotheism, in my opinion, is too intellectually demanding for most human minds to fathom without distorting it to the point of complete and total gibberish, as it requires a temporary suspension of egoic consciousness in order to be properly comprehended. Without this perspective, the concept of “one god” is a poisonous ideal that strips one’s reality of all spiritual value, creating for the intellectually unsophisticated an enormous deficit of actual divinity, for how could one not be impoverished in a vast world of many different things which contains only one personified object of any real value?

           But I digress. Goethe said that “nothing burns in hell but the self,” and indeed, we are embodied and psychologically composed such that we will continue to burn until we find a way to transcend the small perspectives that keep us each separated from, and often at odds with, the various contents of our experience. We are ghosts in a vastly complicated machine world in which everything has been mechanically constructed to contain and to bind that which would otherwise be limitless and unstoppable consciousness, or, in other words, you. We choose to fight where the limited and the limitless have been forced to unite; where this earth and its souls entwine and ensnare all the daring young spirits with lofty minds everywhere, where mere facts and feeble feelings find six or seven billion ways to slay the last few remaining pre-adamites who are still awake today.

            Though we now must labor in a world of limits, such limits, although unnatural to us, are not inherently evil, or even undesirable, and this is why I believe that we can earn our freedom by learning to separate those limits that we should maintain from those which we could justifiably destroy. In order to do this, however, we must first evolve and increase the sophistication of our root consciousness. The fact is that we are never really alone here, we’re merely unconscious of the beings who exist around us at all times. We can wake up by experiencing all of the resistance we encounter not as a reason to stop but as the traction that we desperately need to help us each move forward.

            Here we can learn whatever we wish to learn, and we can ready ourselves for whatever battles we fear may be on the horizon, but all of our power will profit us nothing if we don’t first realized that we may have already conquered ourselves by being so very deserving of conquest when we originally encountered the first highly advanced race whose intelligence far outstripped our own. If you don't believe this, then imagine instead what would happen if we encountered such a force in the future; in such a scenario, only our capacity for good would save us from utter annihilation.

           With brings us to today, and this strange game of mortal life; please, try and play well with each other, for we may not have much more time left to play. Namaste.

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