The Secret of All Success

          Like anyone, I do what I can with what I have, but ultimately, the true source of any success I, or anyone else, might find is very difficult to discern. Of course, one must first be motivated to try and succeed at something, yet even then one will only succeed to the extent that he or she is able to carry out that motivation to its fruition. This brings us to the part of one's success that has to do with individual merit.

         Obviously, one's individual merit is not superfluous, as a man with the right mindset and aptitude can theoretically arrive at the truth even under the spell of the darkest deception, while some remain blind even to that which has been laid out plainly before them for all to see. We as a society choose to believe that we are all created equal in respect to human dignity, but this is perhaps the only instance in which such a thing can be said to be true.

         However, success in any endeavor is a matter that goes far beyond one's mere personal aptitude, as one's own degree of power is always being set against the level of cooperation and resistance that one encounters in one's environment. At fortune's whim, a fool can be made a king, and a king can be made a fool. Recognizing this should make us all a bit humble, but the mere fact of fate's potential influence on our best laid plans should not be so humbling that we don't appreciate that our ultimate destiny is always at least somewhat within our own hands; particularly when one realizes that each defeat has the capacity to help improve our chances, and increase our strengths, for our next challenge. That which is incompletely opposed, after all, only grows stronger. Therefore seek out incomplete opposition wherever you can find it.

         As a teacher, I have made the path as simple as I can without upsetting the delicate balance that demands something come from the student as well. All, therefore, are more than welcome to try and walk it. Namaste.

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