Super World Extravaganza: Aug. 5th - 8th

         Last year, at the start of spring, I attempted to launch something here in Pittsburgh called “Super World,” a program I had designed, over the course of many years, to help people develop the knowledges, skills, and abilities attributed to various meta-human archetypes, everything from Angels, Elves, and Vampires to Cyborgs, Superheroes and Ninjas. The concept, although a bit unique, is really quite simple. However, for whatever reason, I encountered very little interest in any of these programs throughout the summer, despite the fact that I posted many notifications across the city and all over the internet as well. The failure of the Ascension Fitness Initiative here, combined with a potential job opportunity in Delaware, played a large part in my eventual decision to move away from Pittsburgh.

         However, now that I’m back in Pittsburgh, so is Super World, for better or for worse. In anticipation of the upcoming Qiyamat celebration (if you’re not an initiate of the Ancient Order of Assassins, don’t worry about it), I have scheduled a free weekend of workshops, classes, and demonstrations that will begin at Frick Park on Thursday, August 5th at 9:00pm and will continue, at various times and places all across the city of Pittsburgh, until Sunday, August 8th. Activities will include chances to learn about and participate in the Circus Arts, Capoeira, Transhumanism, Malakimae, Parkour, Airsoft Combat, Lucid Dreaming, Baguazhuang, Shamanism, Shaolin Kung Fu, Necromancy, Gymnastics, Hypnosis, Lycanthropy, Tai Chi, Demonology, and much, much, more. Special itineraries and side meetings will be provided for anyone bearing a particular meta-human interest, if he or she simply contacts me about it in advance. For a list of the meta-human networks which are currently included within Super World, as well as other information about the Ascension Fitness Program, visit our website at

          All of the activities contained within this four day Super World Extravaganza will be staffed by various local practitioners, each of whom have graciously agreed to share their special practices with those of us who are interested in expanding our worlds. If you’d like to join us, or to contribute something of your own, please feel free to contact me here, or on Facebook, or through the ad that’s been placed on Craig’s list. Hopefully, I’ll see you there. Namaste.

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