Introduction to the Neo-Templar Order

          Many people will pick up this book hoping to glean some new insight into the great mystery of who the Knights Templar “really” were. I must confess; providing a definitive answer to such a question, assuming that such a thing is even possible, is not my primary concern. For you see, my driving interest is in something far more practical and relevant than that, seeing as how the world has already taken so many diverse approaches of it’s own to the question of what a Templar knight truly is. In this Magician’s Grimiore, I hope to put forward a clear enough description of some important occult sciences, and their associated magical practices, that each reader will then be able to establish what kind of Templar Knight he or she is going to become.

          The reason for this approach is simple: I have never encountered a single organization whose theoretical possibilities, however grand they may have been on paper, were not twisted, adulterated, and degraded by the bulk of its actual membership. We could, as so many others do, pretend that the “true” Templar Knights were, in fact, one way or another, but the truth is that their name has been appropriated by so many derivative interests throughout history, from the Freemasons, the Bavarian Illuminati, and the so-called Priory of Scion, to Utopian Pirates, Goddess worshipping Pagans, and even the infamous Third Riech, that attempting to establish who and what they “really” are is a rather naïve question, the answer to which would be academic at best. Any name or title that one might pluck from history is nothing more than what its adherents have made it; so to will the Templar Knight become, at least in part, what you have the capability to make into a reality. I am here simply to provide you with an exciting opportunity to choose what will be real, and, hopefully, to steer each one of you towards an outcome that’s actually worth realizing.

         Of course, there is something in a name, in the history attached to it, and the commonly accepted reality that countless others have actualized before any of us arrived here today to take up the Templar’s sword. Yet the basic mystery behind the Templars comes from the fact that they were violently accused of being something other than the noble Christian crusaders that most of the world, and even many of its own members, once believed them to be. Here we have the point of ambiguity upon which so many opponents of Catholicism built their own versions of these Holy Knights which the medieval world had come to so fear and respect. Some would argue that the charges of heresy that destroyed the Order were simply false, and yet the accusation itself created both a historical premise and an enduring mystery, which thrust the Templar Knights into an occult world of secret societies and esoteric knowledge that have defined them far more indelibly than anything that they may have done for the long dead travelers to the Holy Lands whom they once bravely protected (Although that historical fact remains relevant to our current endeavors as well. It is my sincere hope that you will come to understand that, in the psychic realm of our historical dream, nothing is ever truly lost; we simply take from it what we need in order to advance forward.)

         We return to the Templars again and again because of the compelling power of their heroic myth, which is far stronger, far more important, than the bulk of their historical reality, although I encourage you to research that as well. After all, history is not defined by the victor, as is often said, but by what is victorious within one’s own heart. That statement may not make much sense to those who’ve had their connections to the truth impaired by the same sort of oppressive powers who once tried to snuff out the original Knights Templar, but for those of you who have looked into the face of the enemy without slavishly capitulating to its attempts to turn you into one of its own, welcome to the Heroic and Just Order of the Neo-Templar Underground, where you will soon find that so much is true that nothing worth doing is impossible from here.

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