The League Of Vengeance and Evil

           One of the most intriguing criminal organizations that I’ve ever heard of is a group that apparently calls itself the League of Vengeance and Evil (Yes, I know it sounds like a team of comic book supervillains, and no, I’m not making this up). Unfortunately, having looked all over the internet for some sort of corroborating evidence, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that either these guys are very good at keeping themselves a secret, or else it's just a prison story that somebody made up to help pass the time.

           What’s really interesting about this secret criminal conspiracy, aside from their over the top name, is the way that they recruit new members and choose targets. In order to join one of these so-called “l.o.v.e. conspiracies,” you first, of course, have to find an active cabal. Then, you're told to create a list of at least ten people who’ve wronged you in some way, or who’ve wronged someone else with whom you're close. Finally, you have to find some sort of appropriate and creative way to take revenge on one or more of the people who you’ve gathered together on this list.

           Under certain special circumstances the League may offer assistance, however, in most cases, it just sits back and watches. It does this because, based on how well you perform your assigned task, the League votes on whether or not to accept you into the organization. If they do accept you, this means that, as a group, they also accept a part in the fleecing of every last target that remains on your hit list.

           Of course, one of the main reasons that they might have stayed invisible so well is due to fact that they’re expressly not an assassin’s club; the League tends to favor cleaner, more profitable, kinds of revenge over the messier, more personal, type. In this way, it acts as a very efficient prep school for grifters, thieves, and various other money-minded criminals. The conspiracy is all the more nefarious, in my opinion, because it so easily seduces otherwise good people, people who would probably never have chosen a life of crime, by dressing all of its numerous illegal activities up as some form of vigilante justice.

           If anybody finds anymore information about the League please share it with me. My friend seems to think they’re some kind of Real Life Supervillians movement, like those “Real Life Superheroes” who actually go on patrols in some of the U.S.’s larger cities. Again, I’m not making that up either. If you don't believe me you can check it out online. There's a fast growing community of literally hundreds of costumed crime fighters out there, and they're all over the internet. It seems only natural that someone, somewhere, would eventually try to become a Supervillian as well; maybe that’s what this "League Of Vengeance and Evil" thing is really all about.

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