The New Plan

           A few days ago I wrote about setting goals in order to keep one’s dreams from fading away. In the past I’ve described various obstacles that might get in the way of our strangest dreams, or activities that one might engage in to pull these higher realms of fantasy even closer to earth. Each time I sit down at this computer, writing letters such as these to the Djinn Resistance Underground, I often feel like a man locked in a prison cell, smashing his head in vain against stone walls. Of course, I’m not complaining, nor should any of you think for a minute that I’m going to stop, despite growing headaches and blood stains on these walls. The truth is that I simply have to find a way to hit the wall even harder. That, after all, is what my head is for.

           So I’m going to take a bit of my own advice, and share with all of you the newly devised plan of attack for the Djinn Army in its artistic campaign of conquest here in the city of Pittsburgh. If you’ve been following my efforts up until now, you may have noticed an obvious drop in my activities after my first month on the offensive. To put it mildly, I hit some problems. I lost my lover, my home, my job, my health, my sobriety, my artistic inspiration, my ring, both cars, and perhaps most damaging of all, my patience for, and faith in, most, if not all, of my potential allies. The city’s counterstrike was glorious, but I am Simon Zealot; I am not so easily defeated.

           Aside from my lover, I have recovered nearly everything else that was lost, although certain elements are still in the works. Many of these things will be addressed in the following seven steps of the New Plan. Of course only some of this plan will be displayed here online for all of you to see, but, thanks to the wonders of technology, I will be able to modify and update it as various important details come into focus, so check back often.

           Step one: I need to find a bar where we can have weekly meetings. I like Mondays, but I’ll have to get back to this one when I also find a bar that I like. (New job. Mondays are out. The meeting at the Squirrel Cage at 8pm this last Sunday, then again at 10pm on Monday, was not a smashing success, but I'm trying again this Sunday somewhere new. Any suggestions? Oh, and now I'm also speaking at the local Evolver meeting on the 22nd of Oct on the topic of Magical Activism.)

           Step two: The basic gist of this step was to stabilize my romantic situation so that it's no longer interfering with "business." For those of you who have been following some of the more exciting magical events of my last few weeks, I just managed to reclaim and destroy an astrological amulet that I made, lost track of, and forgot about around two years ago, which I believe has been wrecking absolute havoc on my love life ever since then. Having recently decommissioned an extremely potent cock-blocking angel in a fiery ball of flames has, to say the least, lifted my spirits something fierce.

           Step three: One of my other big set backs was developing what appears to be tendinitis in my knees, which, unfortunately, has made it impossible for me to continue practicing Chinese martial arts with my old Kung Fu master. However, I have discovered that I can still practice other martial arts without pain, things like Parkour, Capoeira, Boxing, and anything else where I can move primarily on the balls of my feet and I’m not required to sit back with all or most of my weight over my heels in the manner that pretty much every Chinese style demands. Having stopped that training for a few months, as well as getting some really good Reiki done, I haven't had anymore problems and I now have a new Malakimae class up and running for kids every Tuesday. I still need to visit my old Kung Fu teacher though. Maybe this week...

           Step Four: I miss singing for people, and think I’m neglecting a powerful artistic medium that I could use to fight the zombie uprising. On that note, I will recover all of the musical content that I’d previously written with my old band, and start performing these songs again with a new band. (The recovery is now underway.)

           Step Five: I need to open a school here in Pittsburgh where I can start properly training some manner of meta-humans. Experience has taught me that this kind of training has to be camouflaged as something less bizarre in order to lure in unsuspecting mortals. So, this month I plan on publishing a dissimulated version of the Malakimae Manual and to begin teaching Angel Boxing classes that are cleverly disguised as something else entirely. (These are those Tuesday classes I mentioned above. I also now get to teach kids on two other nights of the week as well. Now I just need to open this up to include adults before the end of the month and I'm right on track.)

           Step Six: I have a few unfinished educational endeavors hanging over my head. In order to finish what I’ve started I need to study some of these nutritional materials that I ordered, and take at least one test each month, to work my way toward becoming a registered nutritional consultant. I also need to finish the homework assignments that I still owe my old astrology teacher so that I can become a certified Astrological Magician as well. Obviously, having study partners would be great, but it’s probably something I’ll end up having to do alone. I believe Wednesdays will prove to be very good days to study.

           Step Seven: (omitted)

           Of course, in order to make these "s.m.a.r.t." goals I'll obviously have to set a time limit on how long I’m realistically giving myself to accomplish all of them. Aside from the certifications, but including the one omitted item that I'm working on from step seven, I believe that I will be able to have all of this accomplish by Halloween, which gives me one month to get it all done. If you have any desire to aid my efforts please contact me, if for no other reason than to wish me luck.

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