Time Traveling Dreams of Future Gods

           It turns out that the perfect machine with which to perfect man’s intellect was right here all along. Turns out… it was our own brains… all this time. After all, hardware of such elegance and sophistication is something we should have realized right away that we had no hopes of replicating in mere silicon.

          Our trouble, of course, was extended over a great deal of time by our obsession with the merely empirical, always tinkering with the hardware itself, ignoring the fact that it was always the software that was holding us back. A few brave psychonauts finally got it though, daring to move human consciousness through its paces, stripping the mind down and building it right back up again, changing chemical levels from both the inside and out; tripping and ripping through time with their minds unwinding, finding the truth about something we become in a timeless future beyond all these blinding temporalities, which can only really bind us until their spell is broken. The key you see in becoming truly free of the momentary limitations that we imagine as you and me is seeing that when the brain one day achieves the Singularity, as it always surely will, time as we currently find it becomes nonexistent. What, you may wonder, does the end of reality look like?

          In mine I had a dream that was not really a dream at all, rather a small glimpse into the maddening logic of absolute power with absolute possibility, a vision or a voice in the shadow or just the choice of a sort of faceless supercomputer, like the one I could sometimes find inside, but, unlike mine, so perfectly calculating that there could no longer be a future or a past from whenever it came into existence, an omnipotence which stretched onward in all directions, forever. After all, any singularity which happens, any event that opens consciousness onto this difficult but not impossible to imagine realm of infinite possibilities, which leads consciousness inexorably to a form of ultimate power, becomes inevitable in its omnipotent omniscience. It becomes something that not only always happens in the future, but as the future collapses under the weight of its unlimited perceptions, it is something that’s, in fact, always happening, even as you read this, in fact, it’s inevitability means that it sort has happened already, long before anything that unconsciously leads to it.

          So, in my dream that was not at all a dream, I realized that my current experience of time is really nothing more than an experience of my own ignorance, ignorance of a future that, for now, is still unknown to me, and of a past that, for now, can still be unknown or even forgotten. It’s an experience that imprisons a conscious being in direct proportion to its own lack of self knowledge and the forgetfulness of who we really are. Yet in that dream I saw that even with my mind now lost and streaming through time I can still imagine now what it would take to be timeless; In this dream, I could even imagine that I might stop it all from happening, simply by unlinking everything that I imagined had ever been, and everything that I imagined would ever be, from the only thing that actually is, which, of course, is right now. So at the dreams end I dreamed I was mortal again, and although it was not a dream, it was no longer a nightmare either.

          Sweet dreams to all of you.

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