Where Wisdom Begins

           Tonight a monk in green robes stopped me on my way to the bar, asking if I had twenty minutes to hear a bit of what he knew concerning the upcoming apocalypse. Despite my intuition that there was an absolutely beautiful woman waiting for me at the bar, I thought this might be important, so I listened to his tales of a jealous God who was pretty angry about not being worshiped properly since all of the real high priests of Israel were murdered in 70 AD. He told me that we not only lost the knowledge of the true Sabbath (It’s very complicated to figure out when the actual Sabbath occurs; I think it involves the moon) but, due to a lot of poor translations into Greek and then English from the original Hebrew, we’ve not only been using inaccurate pagan names for almost everything, we’re also under the misconception that the messiah was a man, when, in fact, she was a woman.

           I told him that I accepted the possibility that all of this was true, but that what concerned me was that his God was planning on punishing the world for what seemed to be little more than a few clerical errors and the use of inaccurate titles. He explained that our God is a jealous God, and that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom, but I told him that if I was created in the image of his God, with reason, compassion, and courage, then I simply could not accept any so-called “wisdom” that begins where all of these other very important qualities come to an end.

           I always find it sort of strange when I have to point out that it's simply unjust and insane to damn so many well intentioned people, many of whom are seeking a real connection to some sort of higher purpose and meaningfulness in their lives, to a lake of eternal fiery torment. He even took it further, saying I’ll be starved and tortured in the flesh before I’m thrown body and soul into the fire, but I told him I was clearly created to have to fight back against such insanity, regardless of whether or not I have any hope of winning; I was obviously created to burn. All things considered, he took my position fairly well (I feel that I was quite polite), although, by the end, I think the exchange made both of us a little sad.

           We spoke for almost a half an hour, and a lot more was said in our conversation than I’ll bore you with here. It seems to me like such debates are barely worth the consideration of my readers, but so many people seem willing to surrender their better judgment to a pile of death threats encountered on the pages of an old book, I hoped to come up with some mild remedy for this madness. So, at the end of my night, as I reflect on this man and his apocalyptic message, it saddens me more than anything else that his God and his devil were so indistinguishable, that is, apart from the rather ironic fact that Satan seems to be willing to do a lot more to ensure that we don’t serve the other side. I mean, if only his God had written His rules on the Moon, then, perhaps, I could see some justification in His anger over not being properly heeded, but I’m supposed to believe that He left the essential instructions for how He wanted to be worshiped in the care of a few Jews under Roman occupation whom He didn’t even see fit to preserve from complete annihilation? For this, I’m supposed to apologize and support the slaughter of billions of people, because, as my monk friend assured me, it’s all really about love?

           Hopefully, if any of these stories prove true, that Satan guy has an ace or two hidden up his sleeve. Fear of the Lord is obviously the death of reason and compassion.

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  2. I enjoy reading ur articles coz they r based on good ol common sense...how can one be deservable to be tossed in a lake of fire wen we r trapped by a bunch of psychopaths who need us more than we need them...well we needn go far for d truth...this whole damn recycling of d soul n matrix...downgraded frm 12 to 2 strands n a jealous god prove beyond doubt we need to find a way outta this prison zone...does anyone even know how far does their 'spider web' stretch thru space...While we r programed to mind wats hidden in d past with riddles n fear based religions...they r out there planning d harvest...thank u n always look forward to read more of ur articles (y)

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