Words for Action: An Occult Blueprint

          Secrecy has always been, and still is, of utmost importance within certain infamous clandestine organizations; organizations which, for various reasons, will remain nameless, at least for the time being. Yet all such names, as you shall soon see, are largely unimportant, and, indeed, serve only to confuse those poor fools who lack more reliable referents by which to know the truth of things. Whether a group of people choose to call themselves the Knights Templar, the Roshaniya, the Brotherhood of the Serpent, or the League of Just Men, what matters, ultimately, are their true intentions, intentions which can only be rightly judged by whatever actions they actually carry out, regardless of whatever moniker these particular men and women may choose to gather under.

         True, historical precedence, and the publicly understood meaning of any titles taken, may create very specific effects on those who hear them, but such “truths” are superficial and indicate nothing of substance concerning what is really going on. Particularly if we are considering the reality of any supposed conspiracy among the so-called “elites,” its easy to see how a well chosen title would only serve to conceal the true intentions of a sufficiently clever group of conspirators and easily lead astray those foolish enough to listen only to what they can hear and to witness only what has been shown to them. Words lie, even on the lips of those with the very best of intentions, and, therefore, in the immortal words of Hassan i Sabbah, “there is no such thing as belief, only action.”

         Of course, here I am, slandering the very medium by with I am addressing each of you, barely recognizing that the act of speech itself is instrumental within almost any human undertaking, save perhaps in the heat of battle, or the bedroom, or wherever humans must toil in quiet concentration to complete any great and difficult labors. Yet even in such places as these, language has its purpose; to help initiate the action, to keep it on its proper course, and, if one is so inclined, to proclaim its triumphant completion. Ultimately however, I remain of the firm opinion that words without works are dead, or, at the very least, terribly boring and wasteful.

         Yet there is one Great Work that is too often undertaken almost entirely through the act of verbal communication, and this is the initiation of a mind lost within the darkness of ignorance into the light of some new understanding. Obviously, a few well chosen words can easily create both a new understanding and great inspiration, yet the danger of an education of mere words bereft of any action is that it can, and often does, create a poisonous and infantile illusion of actual progress. Never say what should be shown, and never accept the truth of any claims where the claimant offers no immediate possibility of hard evidence. Again, if you have only words with which to teach, words without any connection to the reality we currently inhabit, then you, my friend, have been deceived by shallow philosophistry.

         Having made my point, allow me to leave you with words that may help to guide and inform your own future actions, for there is a great and powerful secret concealed within the Tarot, one that is almost ridiculously obvious once revealed, and yet it remains easily hidden from most of the uninitiated. Within each of the four suits can be found part of a grand and well tested blueprint for vast occult conspiracies; I say "conspiracies" because its a blueprint by which almost anyone could profitably operate any sort of secret society that he or she might wish to build. Here I will outline the primary part of it by which anyone might forge his or her own new order, providing therein enough of the basic structure of this occult blueprint that anyone of sufficient intelligence will be able to easily extrapolate the rest of the plan.

         The suit of Fire lays out a clear policy by which any person, or persons, can maintain a Dominion (the 2 of wands) which, ultimately should be stabilized and protected by some degree of communal Virtue (the 3 of wands). The plan truly starts in the establishing and maintaining of an actual Foundation (the 4 of wands), which involves not merely an association of people, but, more importantly, a bedrock of active and compelling principles and ideals, not to mention meaningful places and objects of power, around which all of these people can be unified. Yet, just as one’s Dominion is bolstered by Virtue, so too is the Foundation brought to life by Strife (the 5 of wands) and, ultimately, sanctified by the Victory (the 6 of wands) which will hopefully follow. For obvious reasons, Victory is essential to the growth of any organization, as from Victory one gains Glory (the 7 or wands), which serves to expand the overall scope and reach of your endeavor. However, one must be careful not to rest on one’s laurels; here again, we see that Glory must be tempered by Swiftness (the 8 of wands), which is the means by which a disciplined few will continue to draw the sedentary masses, that now clamor around you in your Glory, into new and more challenging arenas of conflict. From all of this, the Foundation will eventually gain all of its Strength (the 9 of wands) and, ultimately, if it is not turned back or completely annihilated by a greater adversary, it too will grow into another familiar source of Oppression (the 10 of wands) like all of the other great monolithic institutions that rule this world.

         This is, however, only a small piece of the puzzle. Individuals within this hypothetical organization must be rewarded with both material wealth and emotional happiness; and they can be, via processes explained within the tarot suits of Earth and Water respectively; while the suit of Air outlines an ingenious and subtle campaign of psychological warfare to be waged against one’s enemies. Good Luck!

          If you have any questions about how to implement any of these plans (did I mention that all of this can also be paced and executed according an elegant astrological time table?), I would be happy to explain this woefully unappreciated occult system, and its basic Cabalistic structure, in greater detail elsewhere, but just remember: These are all merely words; that is, until someone, somewhere, is bold enough to take action.

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