Demonic Oppression

           Every corruption is different. For some, it takes only being given the opportunity to set out on a long life of egregious actions; corruptions such as these seem to take care of themselves, and so are hardly worth an actual demon’s attention, especially given the worthlessness of the souls procured. For souls that are actually worth claiming, the bearer must be convinced that there is no real reason to care about anything, particularly others, yet anyone who’d accept such a ridiculous idea, even with a lifetime of convincing, is, in reality, still a pretty small catch. Even more valuable are those souls who will only fall if they are shown a world that has nothing left for them, and in that lonely world, they must be convinced that they will rot, abandoned by their creator to be misunderstood and unappreciated throughout their days, until they themselves abandon all pretense of virtue in favor of a cruel and exacting brand of vengeance or debauchery, either one of which will set them squarely on the path to perdition and make them a true champion of darkness; For nothing creates deeper or more lasting pain than the perversion of goodness itself.

          Few people believe in demons these days, and yet how else can one explain the pernicious forces that seem to plant themselves in the minds of so many, drawing them further and further down a path of self destructive egotism and cruelty. No one wants to believe that there are invisible forces at work in the world, at least not bad forces, yet I’ve seen them, and even more often than that, I’ve felt their invisible influence at work as I walk the world aware of subtle shifts in energy and the palpable sentiments that seem to attach themselves so strongly to various people and places. They have plagued me for quite some time. They’re with me even now, yet I wear them conscientiously, like a set of ankles weights; that is, if ankle weights could want to destroy you.

          Because that’s precisely what they want; they want me to cause pain to others as these spirits have caused, and continue to cause, pain to me. Baring that, if I won’t be corrupted, it seems clear to me that they want me destroyed. I really should keep quiet about such things, particularly in this modern scientific age, where it’s now become just another poorly handled psychiatric issue, one which could land me in a padded cell, surrounded by clueless experts, and being force feed “medicine.” It doesn’t matter. I’m sure there’s already enough information in these letters to convict me of various degrees of insanity. I need to make a record, a testimony to others who might feel that these words apply to them.

          As one who’s already come to view himself as a weapon, although this might seem counterintuitive to many people, I’m actually fairly certain that I can resist being pointed in the wrong direction. That’s not only because I have respect for the damage I can do if I’m not careful, but because my real war, after all, is not against mere flesh and blood, but rather it’s against all of these terrible ideas that have come to oppress us. I won’t forget my mission, but the trouble is that everyone has their breaking point, and I have to admit that there are nights when the pain is simply unbearable. However, I know that I’ll not become a monster. I’ve had plenty of chances to do that, and I feel secure in my ability to continue to resist such temptations in the future as well.

          Yet the demons can also isolate you. As I said above, they can make you believe that there is no one else in the world who can understand you and that you are completely alone. I believe that they can even keep you from finding the people and the information that you need in order to refute their painful arguments, and this is because they don’t argue using mere words, they argue by creating and directing reality itself. They manufacture experiences that overwhelm and crowd out your own natural ability to do so; this power makes them very persuasive indeed.

          When people encounter such forces, they often run to the blood of Christ, although, as I’ll explain, I don't believe that's the right thing to do. I believe that Christ is an effective haven against such forces because it’s a way of stalemating the game in play, and that’s just fine with them. After all, contrary to what most Christians may believe, those who take the blood essentially have given up the struggle, and the demons no longer have to worry about any of them interfering with their work, except of course to pull other potential recruits down into that sad little box that these demonic powers are more than happy to keep you all in. The executed messiah is a fine symbol under which all of the remaining would be saviors can be herded together, neutralized, and kept on the bench until they die. I believe that hiding from the battle beneath the robes of Christ is selfish and shows very little understanding of who or what He was.

          If, as I have, you choose to endure their attacks in an attempt to conquer hell, I want you to remember two things. The first is simply that demons exist, and therefor you are sometimes part of an invisible game that toys with your thoughts and your feelings. This is an idea that you might not want to admit that you believe in to too many other people, but it does come in handy in at least one vital instance; if or when you find yourself in utter despair, perhaps even wanting to die, try and remember what I just told you, and you’ll soon realize that you are being played. In such a bad state as that you might not even care, in fact they’ll probably just take that “failure on your part” and use it as further evidence that you should cease to exist, but when I finally see the irrationality of it all, the warping of my perceptions that has to occur for me to get so lost, then I know that I’m being played by demons, and so should you.

          If you let them win, they’ll just move onto another victim, one soul stronger. That may not be enough of a reason to save you, but it works for me, every time.

          The second thing you need to know is that if you ever are so cruelly deceived, should you ever find yourself with nothing to live for and seemingly no one who really loves you, remember that you live in a world where anything is possible and everything is constantly shifting. If you can imagine it, it really can be yours, and so no matter what experiences you think you might have had up to this point, you can be free of the past and find any sort of future that you desire. This is a fact, and really the only thing standing in your way are these vicious demons and their infernal meddling.

          Oh, and there’s also the sickness, but we’ll save that topic for another day. Namaste.

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