For the Love of Tiamat

           The Simonian Gnostics believed that the very first thought of the Almighty, before even the rest of creation was spoken into existence, was of a woman named Sophia, a woman so beautiful that the creation that soon followed battled over her for countless millennia; until, that is, the source Himself incarnated here in the flesh, to save her from her bondage in an Egyptian brothel.

          To the Tantric Buddhists, this Goddess's name is Shakti, the primal chaotic energy that animates all of the things that pass noisily beneath the unwavering gaze of the God Shiva, her consort and lover. Even now, in the time of the Kali Yuga, Shiva bears quite witness as his monstrous lover continues her dance of destruction, a dance which heralds the end of all our worlds, with a profound sense of inner peace, limitless understanding, and, of course, nothing less than the deepest and most sincere love in his heart for her.

          In ancient Babylon, the face of the deep would have been that of the dragon mother Tiamat, who gave birth to all of the lesser Gods, whom she then used to kill her husband. She then gave birth to a host of other monsters, all with insatiable appetites for destruction, whom she sent against these Gods as well. Eventually, however, she was defeated; or, at least, so it is written.

          In all of these myths, the primary function of the feminine is laid bare; to test the limits of one’s inner peace and sanity. A real man, therefore, does not wish for women to become easier, but rather submits to the overwhelming heat of the creative forge they provide, as any good weapon must if it wishes to be strengthened and shaped into something amazing.

          Submitting to the benefits of this heat should not be confused with submitting to any particular woman, nor am I suggesting the opposite, trying to subjugate her to your own petty will. I am merely suggesting that all men, and those women who are brave enough to endure relationships with other women, accept the romantic strife these creatures bring for the valuable gift that it is, and meet every battle at least halfway; not as a monster would, of course, but rather as would a God.

          Understanding the difference between these two things, Gods and Monsters, could be said to comprise the heart of all of the work and deep introspection that must be done in order to approach real spiritual enlightenment in today's sick culture. If from where you are right now you can’t see any difference, than obviously you have a great deal of healing to do before you can begin again. Good luck and Namaste.

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