Meta-human Confessions: The Psychic

           It’s one thing to experience the occasional psychic phenomenon (thinking of someone just before they call, feeling someone’s gaze on the back of your neck, sensing when a loved one is in distress, knowing exactly what someone is thinking even before they say it, etc.) but it’s quite another thing to consider yourself “a psychic.” The word, of course, has been horribly corrupted, like so many others, by the unfortunate ease of its abuse, bringing to mind a rouge’s gallery of the most familiar mystical frauds, from cold-reading fortune tellers to Svengali-style mentalists. A thing as subtle as psychic power is often too easy to fake when you don’t have it and even easier to rationalize away when you do; the first for a tidy profit, or even sometimes just entertainment, and the second simply to maintain one’s sanity.

          For the reality of psychic experience can, indeed, be a maddening one, particularly for those who childishly cling to insincere posturing, passive aggressive manipulations, or even just the integrity of their own minds. After all, the mere idea that thoughts or emotions from others can bleed into one’s own head, or that someone can influence another with only the directed intentions of a superior will or intellect, is sort of terrifying to anyone who relies on a certain degree of deception, even self-deception, to get by in life.

           A properly functioning psychic cannot be afraid of self-exposure or of facing the uncomfortable realities that invisibly engulf us from almost every angle. However, the witch hunting psychiatric establishment can and may attempt to lock one up, someplace white and padded, where they will gradually drug the so-called psychic, and his or her awesome power, into submission; admittedly, being "too psychic" has a tendency to degenerate into full blown Schizophrenia, so one should be very careful with whom one shares these most forbidden beliefs about how the mind really works. After all, some people have gone to school for such information already, and so are notoriously hard to teach anything new.

          There are two basic psychic abilities that one can experiment with until one is satisfied that he or she is in fact psychic. The most commonly known ability of psychics is that of reading other people’s minds. This ability, like most, can sometimes become stronger with use, and so one should seek out instances where such a skill is needed. Reading cards or palms, interrogating prisoners, fighting a skilled opponent, and working with children, drunks, or the handicapped, can all provide opportunities to hone one's inward awareness of the subtle and unspoken messages that people send off all the time.

           Of course, a knowledge of body language can provide many clues to these things as well, and reading a body is a great skill to develop, as long as it doesn’t allow one to rationalize away the more potent mental powers which he or she should also be developing through inward awareness and the gradual quieting of one’s own mental broadcasts.

          The second, and least talked about, psychic power is the ability to project one’s own thoughts into the mind of another, or even a whole bunch of others. This can be practiced in a variety of times and places throughout one’s day to day life, such as when dealing with any of the groups mentioned above, as well as with animals, merchants, customers, juries, state witnesses, objects of desire, or really anyone from whom you may want something but find talking alone insufficient. There are various techniques to help improve one’s influence in each of these situations, but most of these all boil down to improving one's concentration and focus. Various ritual activities, such as Hoodoo or ceremonial magic, can be good for this as well.

          It’s important to realize that everybody attempts to psychically influence the events that transpire around them all the time, often unconsciously, but always to the utmost of their own meager abilities. To be psychic is to take that first important step towards acknowledging the existence of these ubiquitous and subtle forces; from there, the only thing one has left to do is to consciously attempt to block, receive, and emit these astral vibrations at will. Good luck becoming a powerful Psychic, but please don't get locked up as a common madman anywhere along the way; to that end, I strongly suggest tact, and a good knowledge of one's enemies.

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