A Statement of Purpose... sort of

           There are nearly as many ways to live life as there are people living it, but, I’ve been told, if a person wants to live an exceptionally long life, then he or she must first have some compelling reason for living. Some sort of purpose must drive and direct one’s energies so that the mind and the body remain saturated with the will to live, regardless of the setbacks that one encounters along one’s chosen path. I’ve been thinking about my own driving purpose in life, and trying to distill it down to something that’s clear and focused enough to be briefly explained to others but not so terse that it sounds like a bumper sticker. This has not been easy.

           I think that part of the problem is that I always attempt to express some approximation of “my purpose” in everything I write; I talk about ascension and meta-humanity, an escape from zombified banality, and, sometimes, even some sort of heroic opposition to evil, but this all seems a bit too abstract and fanciful, even mildly rhetorical, to serve as my final, most realistic, statement of purpose. I think the real problem is that I often reach a point where I can’t conceive of a reader who’ll find such words believable, or even intelligible, once I begin making dramatic claims about my issues with modern life and my professed aspirations in spite of them. I believe that any good writer remembers that every word he or she writes has to connect to the mind of some reader somewhere, and hopefully many readers at that, or else one’s only writing to see one’s self be clever; mere intellectual masturbation.

           In short, my own purpose is something I find difficult to articulate to others since it seems to fall too far outside of the so-called reasonable concerns of those who I've come to accept are the “normal human beings,” yet if you already have some inkling of what I’m here to do, based upon all of the previous letters that you've read from the Djinn Resistance Underground, than perhaps I’m at least half way there already.

           I find the common purposes of life to be short-sighted and shallow; it’s not even a question of whether I should exist for myself or for others when both of these options have been rendered inherently purposeless in and of themselves. We suffer the philosophical conceit of each one of us being an end in and of ourselves only because we have little else to place higher than that, and to not do so would only make us more prone to exploit and degrade one another than we are already.

           Without any illusions that merely "being human" is sufficient to justify my continued existence, I choose instead to consider myself as a weapon, one that’s constantly to be improved upon physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, to address a host of largely unaddressed, and even unacknowledged, problems; from banality, conformity, and uninspired insipidity to cruelty, apathy, ignorance, degradation, and despair. Of that list of atrocities, only ignorance seems to benefit from any sort of common consensus as being a problem worth addressing, but I believe that even this one goes way beyond a few fundamental issues within the modern educational structure.

           Mankind is missing something important, a power that I feel is still latent within us, and my primary purpose is to develop that potency in myself, as well as in anyone else within whom I feel it might be able to manifest, so that we can finally live as we were meant to, as terrifying creatures of higher consciousness and phenomenal psychic functioning, and not simply as mildly sophisticated beasts with only our bellies and other associated appetites to serve.

           It’s as if we’re a conquered people without even an overt class of conquerors to strike back against or, if you’re gutless, attempt to join. It appears that we’ve conquered ourselves, or perhaps there actually is something else that’s hidden above us somewhere, something invisible that’s maliciously watching us as we choke and wither on the vine, or perhaps making some use of the countless drones that are being produced by this bland and meaningless grind.

           I am probably as inherently distrustful as any of you are of a lofty purpose that one might put into words so as to seem greater for its vainglorious declaration, which is why, this month in particular, I’m working extra hard to state my purpose with action. I hope to see you at the Evolver meeting this coming Friday, or at the Zombie Circus in Monroeville Mall on the following day, but regardless; Good Luck and Namaste.

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