Like Lams to the Slaughter

           The biggest hurdle which I have always encountered in my own search for spiritual truth is the fact that so much of it seems to be basically inhibiting and repressive; far more cautionary than encouraging; designed not to agitate, but to opiate. I believe that this is the case because all of the most popular teachings that have had anything to do with the proper focus and conduct of man have always been heavily influenced by the authoritarian opinions of what I'll call "the conquering class." That’s not to say that these doctrines bring out the conquer in mankind, far from it, but rather that they serve those already in touch with their own darker nature as a clever means of disarming and neutralizing the rest of the herd. Although might certainly doesn't make right, it wields a terrible influence over most people's thinking and has a great say in what is allowed to flourish.

           Rigid authoritarian values dominate our modern conceptions of Good and Evil, and even directly shape our petty concept of God Himself, always so angry, so ready to punish. We see this in all of the three dominant western religions, but Christianity is perhaps the most blatant; His own son being made such a terrible example of, hung so graphically in what are supposed to be holy places as a warning against our past and future sins, and certainly, on a very real level, our spiritual aspirations as well. The fact that Christians are told that the murder of the savior means something entirely different, something positive in fact, is, in my opinion, little more that a compliance test to see if the brainwashing has taken hold completely. No, might doesn't make right, but it might just make you think so.

           Although I see the popular conception of good and evil as fraught with misinformation and almost comical inversions, I do believe that there is a very real and perhaps never ending battle between the true forces of Good and the equally real forces of Evil. Despite the pallid and poisonous rhetoric of religious authorities, I see the greatest threat to those who would fight Evil as having nothing to do with the loss of their purity, their obedience, or their meekness, virtues that, it seems rather obvious to me, do far more harm than good. The greatest danger that a warrior on the side of goodness faces relates to the limitations of his or her capacity to endure the often ubiquitous presence of evil without succumbing to either denial or identification, a fate that unfortunately seems to claim nearly everyone with age.

           Evil’s most terrible power is its ability to overwhelm us emotionally with the horror of it’s various atrocities, until we either deny that it even exists or, going a step further than that, we enter the war on the heartless side of the vicious and hypocritical, cloaking ourselves from the truth in evil’s fundamental callousness and prophethood of ignorance.

           Humanity offers us enough petty tyrants and bullies to test our heroic mettle, forcing us to constantly examine and reexamine our motivations to see if perhaps we are not attempting to ignore or appease some dangers that, as things currently stand, may be too overwhelming for us to face. Yet, as a magician, I’ve become increasingly more aware of other sorts of trouble that most people would have little or no context for comprehending, much less facing head on. Yet these are forces that I believe may soon make their “alien” presence felt in both a dramatic and undeniable way.

          I see an unimaginable terror inherent within what may be arriving here soon, something which is only now beginning to breach the consciousness of many human beings around me. Unfortunately, the small amount of people not swept up in a wave of denial seem instead to be hell bent on serving these seemingly benign forces of darkness as if they were our only possibility of salvation.

           Believe it or not, there are occult societies active in the world today who feel that they are in contact with advanced beings from other dimensions, and that these beings, having humanity’s best interests at heart, require merely a helping hand to be let loose upon a largely oblivious human populace in larger and larger numbers. These magical groups have been providing them with such assistance throughout most of the 20th century, and, because of this work, these beings are amassing around us in great numbers.

           Admittedly, nearly all spirits such as these are capable of providing enormous benefits when worked with properly, but what societies like the O.T.O., the Scientologists and the Temple of Set all fail to realize about their big eyes friends is that, as a class of being, these “Lam,” as some have called them, are just as susceptible to the Gyges effect as any other creature, if not far more so, due to their exceedingly subtle natures.

           The Gyges effect was first expressed in the works of Plato, encoded in a story about a man of that name who finds a magic ring, one which, when twisted a certain way on his finger, endowed him with invisibility. Gyges quickly uses this power to amass a great fortune, and even becomes a king, all by committing a slew of terrible crimes that no one ever suspects of him. Most scholars see this as Plato’s way of illustrating the relationship between transparency and moral rectitude, as well as absolute power’s tendency to corrupt absolutely, but wizards have long understood it as the central and most essential reason why we must always be wary of the countless honeyed promises extended to us by mostly invisible beings.

           This may all sound like too fantastic a subject to matter to most of my readers, and I admit that it is very easy to ignore the chain or coincidence and happenstance that tend to surround the activities of such exceedingly subtle beings as these, but my original message still applies. Do not allow a mere difference in power to dictate the reasoning with which you comprehend the moral good. Do not project whatever may be most comforting for you to believe onto that which is simply too big or too mysterious for you to fully comprehend. I’ve watched so many people leap at the vain and misguided assumption that whatever supernatural phenomenon they encounter is the work of a dead relative or the hand of God himself and this delusional tendency seems to be born directly from their own sense of helplessness and confusion.

           It’s hard to know what to say in closing that would apply to every reader equally, because some of you have very little recourse with which to protect yourself other than the meager amount of power that is afforded to you by your delusions, while it’s quite possible that others are probably only being further dragged down and disarmed by these same delusions. I guess the common thread that may apply to all cases is the idea that our imaginations are active and vital sources of energy that can be used to affect not only the motivational forces within our hearts but the very real field of quantum causality that surrounds each one of us every single day. I had originally put aside this post because it seemed a bit too out there, even for me, and would only make me seem mad, but then my leg twisted under sort of unusual circumstances and I began to think that it was worthwhile to move forward with whatever actions might have contributed to such a misfortune being brought down upon me.

           Does that mean that I believe my leg was broken by aliens? No. It means that once I imagined the connection between this post and other recent misfortunes, it became worthwhile to move forward simply to show that I am not going to be stopped or even slowed down by mere physical harm. The veracity of the individual contents of a person’s mind is far less important to me than the overall character of the person that is being created by those ideas. I published this to make a point about morality being too often corrupted by our pettiness and our fears, and to warn you that groups of magicians have been conjuring demons that look exactly like the so-called Grey aliens for about as long as the rest of the world has been seeing such things in the sky above them. Take from that what you will and be well. Namaste.

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