The Cocooning at One World's End is on March 20th

          The Spring Equinox will be upon us this Sunday, March 20th, at precisely 6:21 P.M. EST. We will be on the move, transitioning people in Oakland, Squirrel Hill, and perhaps even as far as the South Side, by placing as many of these people as we can in actual cocoons, a chrysalization accompanied by various degrees of hypnotic trance, that each may emerge from the experience uniquely reborn in whatever new internal forms they might have the imagination to choose.

         This free public ritual will not only punctuate the fast approaching return and rebirth of Spring, as well as so much else all around us, but it will also provide a unique space for reflecting on both all that one has been and all that one might now become, that is, with a little shamanic nudge. In order to get as many participants as possible, I would be willing to accommodate any and all reasonable preferences of those who have some particular place they may wish to pupate and await the trumpet blast that signals the arrival of a new and better time for us all. (First bonfire on this “new year” to follow later that same night.)

         In answer to further questions about "what this is," I can only add that this is street shamanism in a spider’s womb; Ritual theater; Psychic surgery; Old medicine and new; Imago engineering; In short, as I’ve already explained above, we're casting cocoons on crowds of Castors to help them pupate into Polluxes. It’s like Kafka with a happy ending; indeed, at the end of one Aeon, another’s emergence.

         Hopefully we'll get to you before that new world does...

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