Love Beats the Demon

           Last night I listened to an ad for a seduction system that claimed to exploit a “loophole” in female psychology, one with which any man could read and control the mind of any woman. Although the ad was long and worked very hard to say as many words as possible without giving very much, if anything, away, there were still a few basic ideas that it advanced again and again (probably just to fill time while it subtly attempted to exploit the “loophole” in a man's psychology that they hoped would make me buy their product).

           The most basic idea it advanced was that everyone is different, and, therefore, one must first figure out precisely whom one is dealing with before he or she can know how to deal with them most effectively. The video briefly described nine different types of women, and claimed that it only takes three questions to figure out which type you’re dealing with at any given moment. It didn’t provide these questions, of course, but it did provide one additional insight into human psychology, one which may give us a better idea what sort of qualities we’d be trying to determine with these supposedly magic questions.

           This female mind control expert pointed out that just as people are different, so are the things that will turn them on. He says that for some women, stability, safety, and comfort are very, very, sexy, while for others, a little danger and adventure are still their greatest turn-ons. I probably won’t be purchasing these videos, so I’ll never know for sure, but I imagine that all nine of those types of women are supposed to fit into one of these two boxes, with the possible exception of a third type of women, perhaps one who can't be mind-controlled through her libido, or just a woman that wants a bit of both. Perhaps nothing of this is true, but it all seems possible, no?

           The video suggests that a man shouldn't simply believe what a woman says she wants, which, to me, indicates that there must either be a popular internal conflict at work or else a pandemic penchant for deception, although the latter, I think, is far less likely. This idea of an internal conflict intrigues me because of one of many potential problems it suggests might be on the horizon for all women, particularly those in relationships with dangerous men. Men who offer nothing but ease and security are free to figure out their own potential pitfalls and downfalls.

           Although there are exceptions to any rule, I believe that, at some point in a person's life, almost everyone is excited by sheer excitement itself, be it in the form of roller coaster rides, games of tag, haunted houses, or, of course, as we get older, far less innocent diversions than these. However, dangerous fun such as this will inevitably take its toll on a person, particularly, if you’ll excuse my sexist differentiation, on women. Herein lies one of the primary sources for the internal dilemma afflicting all those lovely danger lovers.

           I believe that long term relationships with dangerous men fall apart as the average women finds herself growing into a lose-lose situation. They either become increasingly more dissatisfied with the continued dangers that their men represent, longing for the kind of stability and comfort that would naturally become more attractive with their own ever increasing maturity, OR they get their men to change into something that fits with what their heads are telling them they should want, only later to find out that they're no longer attracted to them; either way, they will probably end up searching for someone else, and another dangerous man has either been neutralized, or brought a bit closer to neutralization, by the soulful power of the feminine.

           I believe that there's an inevitable contention that always arises between the dangerous power, and at least initial seductiveness, of virile and dominant masculinity, on one hand, in conflict with the reasonable desires for safety and ease that eventually puts almost all such men at odds with much of the fairer sex, if not the entirety of society itself, on the other. This is a society which women, and the many kinds of men that they can easily control, have all worked very hard to shape to their liking, particularly in the last century. Don't get me wrong, I have great respect for both of these forces, the masculine animus and the feminine anima, but I feel that one of these has become unfairly demonized and/or completely forgotten within our modern world, and I am nothing if not the devil's advocate.

            Like Russell Crowe said in 3:10 to Yuma Flats, “Even bad men love their mommas,” but, as they pointed out in Natural Born Killers, “Love beats the demon.” It's sort of true; few things hit as hard as love, but, for reasons explained above, a truly beaten man, as well as an unbeatable one, will both soon find themselves spurned anyway. Regardless, I leave one final warning for any "dangerous man" who longs for a serious relationship with a mature and sensible woman: whether you know it not, Death is what you seek. Good luck and Namaste.

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