Tag Day is March 17th!

           Of all the popular holidays, I hate St. Patrick’s Day the most. While for some I suppose this holiday might, in theory, be that one special day out of the year on which we are all supposed to appreciate the finer points of Irish culture, I think I can safely say that for most of America its arrival represents nothing more than an opportune time for yet another orgy of mindless drunkenness and debauch. It is an absolute certainty that enormous numbers of people will expose their ugliest, most affected, sides, get in fights, drive drunk, puke green beer, and forget most, if not all, of this by the morning; that is, if they’re fortunate enough to escape any lasting consequences from their spate of minor mundane villainies. St. Paddy’s day is a shallow memorial to lowered intelligence and poor judgment, but this year, at least, I am pursuing a beautiful silver lining.

           Somewhere within this tawdry festival of mental and physical enfeeblement there will be a secret meeting of the Black Thorn League, an esoteric chapter of the infamous Moorish Science Temple. This meeting is of particular interest to me because, unlike some of this group’s other gatherings, it’s open to nonmembers, and, this year, I’d like to be in attendance, distance be damned.

          Rumors link the Black Thorn League to those infamous fifth column provocateurs, the Assassins, small sects of which are believed, even today, to uphold and act upon the strange occult doctrines of Hassan the Mad. A forbidden culture of world shaping assassination concealed itself for generations within the new mystical traditions of these displaced servants to a murdered Imam. These wandering Sufis remembered their proud and pointy roots and watched the world from the safety of the shadows, migrating out across the globe, showing up in unexpected places like Hungary, and, some believe, even as far away as Ireland.

           The historians among the Black Thorns cite not only a Moorish push into Ireland but also a violent push back against them and other “Pagans” by St. Patrick during his militant conversion of the Emerald Isle to Catholicism. Maewyn Succat, an Englishman, or some say a Roman, who was enslaved for years in Ireland to a Druid High Preist, heard voices one day that told him to escape and run far away to the power of the Church. Twelve years later Succat returned to Ireland a Bishop, murdered his former owner and burned his estate to the ground, and then set his sights on the rest of Ireland. The secret of March 17th is that, for all else that it may mean, it commemorates the Roman invader’s death, and is a clandestine signal for all brave Serpents to return once again to any of the rich and fertile lands that we might have lost in far darker times.

           The only real problem is that, as of now, I have only a when; I don’t currently have any idea where this meeting of the Black Thorn League might actually be. If anyone reading this can help me locate that all important final piece to my jigsaw puzzle of impending pilgrimage, I’d most certainly appreciate it.

           If you need more information about the Black Thorn League, I suggest that you start here: http://hermetic.com/bey/blackthorn.html

           Good luck and Namaste.

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