Tag Day Update

          While most people drunkenly celebrate St. Patrick's Day of Cruelty to All Serpentine Animals, proud Serpents such as myself mark this barely understood holiday with massively complex and public games of "tag," and other even more esoteric and secret rituals, all hidden right out in public, amongst the cloud of mundane chaos and intoxication with which we have been so generously provided.

         Whether you believe that this holiday marks the Catholic's militant suppression of the Druids, the Gnostics, or even the long forgotten Moorish settlers of Ireland, a limited number of foam weapons can and will be made available to only the most hardcore of tag players in attendance. The game is simple: Someone who represents St Patrick starts out as being "It." When he tags any other player, one of our "serpents," that serpent is converted and becomes the new St Patrick. However, any serpent who tags the current St Patrick three times before he tags them or someone else gains the right to "stay in Ireland," forcing the current St Patrick to have to search for and attack someone else. We'll also play other interesting variations on the basic game of tag, like Mass Conversion Tag and Zombie Tag, which are basically the same game, just with Catholics or Zombies respectively. Games will begin around 5:23 on CMU Campus in the Cut between Forbes and Schenley Park and continue on for about as long as we can get away with it.

         Perhaps you too will join us to both tackle and be tackled while shouting "Happy Tag Day" like it was some sort of magical get-out-jail-free card.

         (BTW, I was just informed that it's technically not; my legal counsel has suggested that I mention that "Tag Day" and it's reptilian affiliates are in no way responsible for any lawsuits directly or indirectly resulting from the improper observance of this very special and largely misunderstood time of year. However, just in case they're completely wrong, "Happy Tag Day, Mother Fuckers!")

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  1. Hey could you resend the link to the video on TagDay? I somehow lost it in my emails. Also will get that drawing to you as soon as I get my school work under control

  2. http://strangehappeningsoncampus.tumblr.com/post/3931310445/in-celebration-of-st-pattys-day-carnegie

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