Super World Rises Again

          Super World’s personally tailored Ascension Fitness programs provide everything one might need in order to become something more than human, something larger than life and far beyond the imaginings of most people. Choosing from a long list of character concepts gathered from fantasy and science-fiction, members of Super World train to develop not only amazing physical powers, but also mental and social powers as well, to gradually move each of them closer to the superhuman ideals that they have selected. Being born and remaining a human being is something that most people take for granted, and although becoming something more can be a rather difficult choice to make, it is not impossible. Not anymore.

          Welcome to Super World.

  Mythic Concepts and the Super Guilds

         Our Ascension Fitness Program offers a wide variety of mythic concepts for aspiring superhumans to choose from. These determine what sort of super powers you’ll be training to acquire, or, more specifically, which of our many classes and training regimens you will need in order to acquire them. Super World's curriculum was specially designed to facilitate the training of a wide variety of mythic archetypes, including:

    The Light
  • Super Heroes
  • Wizards
  • Slayers
  • Martial Monks
  • Jedi
  • Elves
  • Angels
    The Neutral
  • Super Spies
  • Psychics
  • Ninjas
  • Mutants
  • Cyborgs
  • Fairies (Djinn)
  • Aliens
    The Dark
  • Super Villains
  • Dragons
  • Vampires
  • Werebeasts
  • Sith
  • Drow
  • Demons

         Although we encourage each member to pursue whatever paths their imaginations can come up with, the above list of mythic concepts are currently the only ones which have active guilds developed to support them. Every guild is different, but all of the guilds provide its members with a few of the same basic benefits, such as a suggested list of classes and books, general training guidance, and both initiation and graduation ceremonies. Membership opportunities in any one of these super guilds is currently only being made available to those training here within Super World.

         For more details contact me, Simon Zealot, either here or on Facebook, or, if you're brave (and have 5 to 10 bucks) simply show up any Thursday evening between 10pm and 2am at Simon Zealot's Very Secret Lair, located at 1 Willow Way, Oakdale PA. Just give them the secret password (which is "Super World") and a friendly agent of Super World will provide you with almost everything that you'll need to begin your training right there on the spot; everything, of course, except for the courage, the willpower, and the imagination necessary to become whatever it is that you're going to become as an integral part of the Ascension Fitness Program. That's up to you. Good luck and Namaste.

Eternity Today

          Someone asked me what my thoughts were on life outside of the life we have in this world. The truth of the matter is that I don’t really worry about what I was before birth or what might happen to me after I die, since it’s hard enough to decipher who, what, and where I am right now. To the extent that I can truly understand these things, however, all of those other questions, at least to me, become meaningless.

          But I will say a little bit more on this topic. The concept of eternal life has been corrupted and twisted by our intellectual and spiritual masters, reduced to little more than a carrot and a stick with which the current world powers may shape the ignorant masses into more manageable and obedient servants. In other words, I feel undeniably that the church’s arguments for submission in this life based upon the positive or negative possibilities of the next amount to little more than an ad bacculum fallacy mixed with wishful thinking.

          This is unfortunate, because tonight when a radio preacher ask me if I was living for this life or for eternity, I knew that even though I was most certainly living for eternity, his poisonous assumptions about what was required for eternal life rendered his question unanswerable and meaningless for me. For how can a man or a woman who gives up the search for an immortal purpose in this life, the search, indeed, for themselves, in favor of what amounts to a divine handout, have any hope of securing eternity? If, in fact, a house divide against itself cannot stand and no man can serve two masters, then it seems obvious to me that, if I am to have any hope of outlasting the already considerable length of time it takes to burn out a human body, it’s not blind obedience that I’ll need to develop in this life, but rather wisdom, integrity, and autonomy.

          I don’t speak on this particular topic very often because I see little reason, or wisdom, in disarming the rhetoric of a largely benevolent master who is simply working to subdue his masses of unruly slaves to whom he very well may be, by virtue of his intellect and social standing, entitled. Church power, however abused it may have been throughout history, has served to benevolently neutralize a sea of ugly and vicious ambitions that would otherwise have claimed countless victims of their own, only to have had to have been eliminated in far less gentle ways themselves anyway. To paraphrase Christ, "Render unto Rome what is Rome's." In the end, as with governments, I think we will all get the Gods we deserve. Like me, I hope you too deserve better than the rest of humanity. Good luck and Namaste.

Here There Be Monsters

          Although it was no less than the late great Friedrich Nietzsche who warned that those who fight monsters must be careful, lest they become monsters themselves, it’s my belief that one could do far worse than to become a “monster.” Interestingly enough, the word comes from the latin monstum, which means “an evil omen” or “a warning.” Although we typically associate monsters with fantastic and terrible beasts, or even simply things that are unusually large, the idea that such an epic mythical occurrence is inherently ominous or undesirable, heralding some sort of divine punishment, is one deeply ingrained within our collective unconscious. Experience has taught me that the appearance of a so-called monster is, indeed, a sure sign that some kind of retribution is coming, yet not, as one might expect, from any inherent evil within the monster itself but rather from the pettiness of the frightened masses, hoveled together within the pale shadows of their most cherished and institutionalized inadequacies.

          I am reminded today, as most of my fellow man celebrates the murder of their over-sanitized and anemic God, how dangerous it is to have any sympathy for the homicidal smallness of those of us who would so unfairly rebuke anything of great power and majesty with a term so unfair as “monstrous.”

          If we push back even farther, to the word from which monstrum itself is derived, monere, we will find that it holds a slightly less sinister meaning, indicating simply “advice” or “a reminder.” Indeed, for those of us who aspire to anything beyond the rather limited scope of consensual reality, monsters do serve as both an inspirational example and an awesome reminder of the great titanic forces from which, I believe, we are all descended.

          Esoteric orders from the Temple of Set to the Soma Sema have all made extensive use of monstrous archetypes to provide basic form and structure to the training of magical initiates. Werewolves, Vampires, Dragons, Djinn, even Elves and, believe it or not, Cyborgs and Sith Lords have all served as models for esoteric guilds devoted to the development of martial, meditative, or magical practices. Although the particular details behind any of these various initiatory orders are not technically public knowledge, secrets can be hard, in fact, pretty much impossible, to keep in an information age packed with extremely skilled, motivated, or wealthy seekers.

          Yep… that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

          However, while we're on the topic of monsters, it being "Good" Friday and all, I feel that I'd be remiss if I failed to share one of my favorite esoteric interpretations of the cruxifiction. There is a classical theory of the universe that states that our reality is but a small pocket of order shaped by divine forces from out of a vast sea of limitless and pure chaos, the likes of which is mercifully beyond our current imaginations. This pocket is something outside of which we can't see or even comprehend, just so you don't think that by "chaos" I mean the apparently chaotic swirlings of debris in space; No, I mean a transdimensional realm that exists beyond the ubiquitous limitations of space, time, and the other physical laws that provide order to reality. It was once believed that should these divinely imposed boundaries of natural law ever be undone, transgressed, or in any way overturned, the objective world as we now know it would come to an end, and all but forgotten primordial forces, forces which are currently barred from existence in our world, would again come into being. In short, magical things tug on, and will eventually unravel, the threads of reality itself, and this is why the word for monster indicates a bad omen.

         There are some who believe that the "consequences of our sins" from which the blood sacrifice of Christ was intended to save us was nothing more than the potential havoc that a sinful humanity would have unleashed upon itself if it was ever given access to the full power and potential of the chaos described above. This is why the Blood and the Name are such potent banishing tools in the hands of those pious few who even to this day continue to sanitize the world of any and all supernatural seepage; Those who've driven out the now all but forgotten monsters of a bygone age and have thereby helped to create a more stable, singular, and sane static reality, one where the painfully slow, yet undeniably safer, advances of science could be, and have been, achieved.

         Yet it is also said that we are nearing the end of the Blood's power to unequivocally deny the cataclysmic return of the Great Old Ones, and, if such dire prophesies are true, then those hard won advances of scientific progress will soon be sorely tested against an unprecedented resurgence of our now slumbering psychic potentials, the likes of which are only barely comprehensible to the modern man. At least, most modern men.

         Most people find such antiquated ways of looking at the world hard to take seriously, and having little to no belief in magick, also see little chance of the laws of physics ever "breaking down." Regardless of one's metaphysical or spiritual beliefs, if mankind is unable to adjust to the enormous degree of power that will soon be available to it, if not due to this dubiously prophesied "return of magick," then most certainly via the impending technological singularity, we will all find ourselves faced with a very real and very dangerous Apocalypse, one which will reveal not only the true nature of man but the fate of our species as well. One way or another, there will once again be very real monsters here, very, very, soon, and, like it or not, they will almost certainly be us. Good luck and Namaste.

The Four Elemental Trials of the Magus

          Aldous Huxley believed human beings had far more to fear from the seductive power of the things that we all desire than we do from the more obviously destructive threats presented by any of the things we tend to fear. He cited “man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions” as being far more dangerous than any possible form of tyranny or oppression that we might expect to enslave us from above. I fear the world will not end in a bang, or even a whimper, but in an endless drone of commercials.

          Although I can easily imagine how in other parts of the world the fear of some political tyranny might be far more realistic and reasonable, here in America I believe our most prevalent form of slavery comes not from anything of which we’ve been deprived, but from all that we have and to which we’ve begun to feel entitled; ours is not an oppression that comes from above, but from within, and, although I will provide you here with a very simple three part method of self-treatment, I don’t really believe that most of us will be able to truly escape it and so I will also propose a far more radical forth and final step at the end for those few who dare agree.

          Recovery can only begin once one comes to actually see and appreciate the debilitating effects of luxury, an awareness which becomes less and less possible as we all continue to lose access to any sort of world unmarred by the various debilitating traps of modern convenience. Don’t get me wrong; I’m very grateful that I have a computer with which to upload these words onto the internet, and that these will eventually be read by you and perhaps countless others who also have computers, but the sad reality of things is that you’re probably far fatter, dumber, and weaker because of all this, and no amount of education, encouragement, or advice that it is currently possible for me to put up on this page is going to counter the harm that the very existence of this medium will continue to do to you and to millions like you. I say this not to be cruel, but, to be perfectly honest, because I’m not even the littlest bit afraid of you and, in general, this grim fact serves only to make me sad and frustrated with the life that I have to live.

          So step one is to seek physical adversity: help someone move, go dancing, pick a fight, walk instead of drive, do a push up, go for a jog, climb a hill… you get the idea.

          I’m sorry, what’s that? You say that the internet has made you smarter and better informed? Okay, let’s pretend that you actually don’t spend most of your time online looking at porn and checking for facebook updates; one cognitive researcher and author by the name of Nicholas Car has made quiet a convincing argument against the idea proposed above, saying that, although the internet provides everyone with the potential to access a great deal of information relatively effortlessly, the fact of the matter is that information overload has only served to reverse much of the progress that other, more positive, information mediums, such as books, had once helped us to gain.

          In his book, “The Shallows: What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains,” he explains how the act of reading books once served to actually increase our powers of focus and concentration in a manner than ran contrary to the human mind’s natural state of distraction and scattered attention, whereas the internet, although rich in information, provides almost all of that information in a manner that only exacerbates our innate tendencies to scan, skim, and superficially consider topics which now only briefly and lightly pass beneath our ever-shallowing powers of consideration. The decadent luxury of this technology may, in fact, be rotting our brains.

          So step two is to seek intellectual adversity: Learn something new or help someone else learn something which you think you already know, memorize something, attend a lecture, get into an argument with someone smarter than you, read an actual book, watch a documentary film, thoroughly research some topic and write a report… again, use your mind in a way that increases it’s power the same way you should be exercising your body. It appears to me that, in many ways, the institution of college has destroyed education. Oh and you may also want to consider the possible connection between sobriety and mental acuity. A little drug use is enlightening; a lot of drug use is enfeebling.

          The third and, for most of you, final step takes the topic of our mental development far beyond the realm of the merely intellectual and into the transcendental realm of the artistic. While the imagination behind artistic creation can only be inspired, or often times counterfeited, by exposure to other works of art, there is something to be said for obtaining some sort of education in artistic technique. This is of course far more complex than the rather straight forward paths that I’ve laid out for physical and mental development, but it should not be overlooked. According to Robert Anton Wilson, “In Communist Russia, the government was terrified of painters and poets.” There is great power in understanding art as something more than just a con.

          Of course, the con is worth understanding as well, which brings me to the final proposal, the idea which answers the question, “What, if anything, can be done about all those other people who will almost surely be doomed by their own indolence, apathy and complacency?” While idealists seem to constantly insist that these teeming masses will all be somehow awakened and saved from themselves (or from some abstract outside force that has sinisterly forced them to be what they currently are), I have come to believe that most of us are already sufficiently “awake” to see what's going on but, for those personal reasons I've listed above, simply don’t care enough to be anything other than what we are, which is a massive work force that requires, and in fact demands, subjugation in the form of conventional employment, and entertainment in the form of limitless consumerism and the easy consumption of “exotic” experiences.

          This human herd is the dreaded zombie apocalypse that I have written about elsewhere, who have so dominated the shape of the world that each one of us must either assimilate or else actively attempt some sort of escape from the mind numbing pull of their endless stampede into obliviousness. My escape plan is simple really; I propose that, like the rest of the herd, we sell ourselves to them, but on our own terms.

          Of course, this is no easy task. It seems to me that this is fast becoming the most popular solution among those awakened individuals who are not nearly as content as the rest of the world to slave away at menial and unfulfilling jobs that in no way serve their innermost needs. The only saving grace here is that much of these lofty ambitions are not born out of any great merit or uniqueness but rather from a shallow vanity and a misplaced and over inflated sense of self-regard. Most of these almost enlightened will inevitably be crushed in the stampede or will painfully learn how to march alongside the rest of the herd in the sort of lock step that is required. This is the true horror of the zombie apocalypse, but it is a horror that will not be escaped any easier simply by refusing to acknowledge its harsh reality. Remember how I said that there were dangers inherent in certain luxuries; indulge the luxury of ignoring these words at your peril.

          Those of us who survive will be the ones who had no other choice but to produce something of ourselves for the masses, because we refused to give up, refused to sell ourselves out completely to the dull designs of another and who somehow found a way to make the vain plan of self-commercialization a viable reality. The trick isn’t to become famous, although there’s nothing wrong with that, I suppose; the real trick is to become sustainable, doing something that you actually want to be doing, even if it doesn’t promote you in some obvious or direct way. Each person’s salvation in this regard must be worked out to his or her own satisfaction. The goal isn't necessarily to turn your life into a reality T.V. show for the consumption of the masses (that could easily become a hell worse than any other I could imagine) but rather to turn your life into something that serves you just as well as as it serves those who consume you.

          Perhaps it's not a perfect solution, but that's probably because I can conceive of very few solutions that don't ultimately involve being consumed by someone else in one way or another. Therefore, if you must be food, then at least you can attempt to have some hand in the cooking, no?

         What I've enumerated above are the four basic trials of human life, that of fire, air, water and finally earth, which all Magicians must pass through before any of them can claim to have truly bested the titanic forces of the Animus Mundi. As always, Good luck and Namaste.

April 20th: It’s not just Hitler’s Birthday

           Last year on April 20th, in the Gulf of Mexico, you may recall an explosive “accident” which created the single largest oil spill in human history. Two years earlier, on April 16th, the Virginia Tech Massacre claimed 33 lives and left 23 wounded. On April 20th in 2005, earthquakes rocked the Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. On April 20th in 1999, two students at the Columbine High School in Colorado went on a killing spree which claimed 12 of their classmates lives, as well as the life of a teacher, and ended with their suicides.

          In 1995, on April 19th, The Oklahoma city bombing killed 168 people. On April 19th, 1993, a botched raid on the Branch Davidian Cult burned 76 people alive, including many women and children who were all trapped within the compounds when someone decided to set them on fire. However these are just a few of the perhaps countless innocent victims who've met exceedingly violent, and often fiery, fates on or around 4/20, a date which is believed by some to mark a secret Black Magick holiday of the darkest type.

          My new obsession as of late has been with obscure or astrologically significant holidays. A little research reveals quite a few alleged victims of human sacrifice are believed to have been ritually murdered on or around April 20th, some of whom have even been canonized as saints, such as St. William of Norwich, St. Simon of Trent, and St. Gavriil Belostoksky. April 20th also just happens to be the Catholic feast day of one St. Theotimus (who’s name, ironically enough, translates as “Sacred Offering to God”), while in Eastern Orthodoxy, another St. Theotimos (same meaning of course) is remembered as an executioner, who, along with fellow executioner Theodoulos, (“Slave of God”) was dramatically martyred with fire. This, disturbingly, will prove to be a rather enduring theme.

           Another infamously sacrificed child was Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln, who today is remembered as the patron saint of the kidnapped and the tortured. (Coincidentally, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.) A conspiracy of at least 90 people is said to have been behind that horrible occult tragedy, which marks the first time in history that any civil government ever handed out not just one, but 18 death sentences for what was labeled a ritual murder.

          Much of this is often written off as mere “blood libel,” a practice which was once so common in Europe that there’s even a fancy term for it. One infamous blood libel claim of the middle ages states that a prophet among the persecuted Jews of Europe left these dying words of wisdom to his people: "Be assured that relief from this secret ailment, to which you are exposed, can only be obtained through Christian blood ("solo sanguine Christiano")."

          The Monk exposing this alleged conspiracy went on to claim that in actuality it was all just a big twisted misunderstanding; After all, this Jewish prophet, according to the Monk, obviously must have meant that “only the Blood of Christ” could save them, but for some reason a great number of them took it to mean “the blood of Christians,” and not only Christians, but Christian children, to be precise.

          So many Jewish people have been murdered under the dark shadow of blood libel claims that I feel it necessary to point of that no race, creed, or gender is even remotely fungible, i.e. able to be lumped together into one group of interchangeable replicas, despite so many heartless and thoughtless people continuing their misguided attempts to do so all the time. Even if half of the claims of blood libel were actually true, it wouldn’t change the fact that such charges have undoubtedly been used to kill many, many, thousands of innocent Jewish people, for literally thousands of years, who have been deeply wronged at the hands of ignorant and violent mobs.

          However, just because it’s wrong to levy charges against an entire group of people based upon the alleged actions of a hypothetical few, doesn't mean that it's not also equally wrong to instantly exempt any individual, or even a group of individuals, from the possibility of committing any conceivable act just because they happen to fall within one such persecuted group, particularly if the act in question is a truly heinous one.

          Take for example the Illuminati, a group that has not only appropriated much of the esoteric wealth of Judaism, but has also made scapegoats of the Jewish people for centuries. To call the Illuminati a Jewish conspiracy is like calling the Nazis socialists, salvia divinorum an incense, or the angler fish a worm.

          In 1914, the Rockefellers were responsible for the infamous Ludlow massacre, which pitted an army of their well armed agents against thousands of strikers in a drawn out and dramatic guerrilla war; during which, in addition to other atrocities, eleven small children and two women (13 again) were intentionally asphyxiated and burned to death on, that's right, April 20th.

          Exactly six years later, on the April 20th of 1920, the Balfour Declaration, a promise made on behalf of the British crown to support the Zionist ambitions of the second Baron Rothschild, is officially recognized, making Palestine a British Mandate and making April 20th the unofficial birthday of Israel. (On that very same day, unprecedented tornado activity killed 219 innocent people in Alabama and Mississippi.)

           Thirteen years after the Ludlow massacre, again in Colorado and again on April 20th, six more unarmed miners are killed, by either machine gun toting police or Rockefeller guards, in what's become known today as the Columbine "mine" massacre, to differentiate it from the far more recent Columbine Massacre, which it predates by exactly 72 years.

           To most "sensible" people, all of this will easily be dismissed as a mere string of coincidences, but I know that there are other people, people with a different understanding of the world, people who can and will see the possible connections between all of this and any other additional information I may have left out; I am, after all, only writing for these types of people.

          April 20th is almost upon us once again, and the Great Game, if you believe in such things, is on as well. Such Supervillains as these are thought to be so impossible, or at least unlikely, precisely because they are so inconceivable to the average human being, but this, although unfortunate in many ways, is probably for the best. After all, average human beings would do very well to remain blissfully unaware of those types of evils against which they personally are probably powerless to defend themselves. Life will be far happier for a far greater number of people if we all simply assume the amount of pain and trouble that each one of us has been blessed, or not so blessed, to be able to bear.

           It was, after all, on exactly such principles that the Underground Batman Fan Club was built, who, like the Coast Guard, and other such forces founded on vigilance and heroic service to man, live only to exemplify the aforementioned group's motto of “Semper Paratus” (Always Prepared). If you can believe in the possibility of an actual Illuminati, is it that much harder to conceive of an actual Batman, one who now has an important mystery to solve for the month of April?

          Again, I'm sure I lost at least a few people at the mention of a comic book character, but, once again, I'm not writing this for those of you who are so boringly incredulous. Whether you find such mythic archetypes inherently compelling or impossible to take seriously, the truth is that it's probably because you have little choice but to do so. As I've said elsewhere, all of us could only ever hope to be whoever or whatever we had first somehow managed to imagine ourselves becoming. Good luck with that and Namaste.