April 20th: It’s not just Hitler’s Birthday

           Last year on April 20th, in the Gulf of Mexico, you may recall an explosive “accident” which created the single largest oil spill in human history. Two years earlier, on April 16th, the Virginia Tech Massacre claimed 33 lives and left 23 wounded. On April 20th in 2005, earthquakes rocked the Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. On April 20th in 1999, two students at the Columbine High School in Colorado went on a killing spree which claimed 12 of their classmates lives, as well as the life of a teacher, and ended with their suicides.

          In 1995, on April 19th, The Oklahoma city bombing killed 168 people. On April 19th, 1993, a botched raid on the Branch Davidian Cult burned 76 people alive, including many women and children who were all trapped within the compounds when someone decided to set them on fire. However these are just a few of the perhaps countless innocent victims who've met exceedingly violent, and often fiery, fates on or around 4/20, a date which is believed by some to mark a secret Black Magick holiday of the darkest type.

          My new obsession as of late has been with obscure or astrologically significant holidays. A little research reveals quite a few alleged victims of human sacrifice are believed to have been ritually murdered on or around April 20th, some of whom have even been canonized as saints, such as St. William of Norwich, St. Simon of Trent, and St. Gavriil Belostoksky. April 20th also just happens to be the Catholic feast day of one St. Theotimus (who’s name, ironically enough, translates as “Sacred Offering to God”), while in Eastern Orthodoxy, another St. Theotimos (same meaning of course) is remembered as an executioner, who, along with fellow executioner Theodoulos, (“Slave of God”) was dramatically martyred with fire. This, disturbingly, will prove to be a rather enduring theme.

           Another infamously sacrificed child was Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln, who today is remembered as the patron saint of the kidnapped and the tortured. (Coincidentally, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.) A conspiracy of at least 90 people is said to have been behind that horrible occult tragedy, which marks the first time in history that any civil government ever handed out not just one, but 18 death sentences for what was labeled a ritual murder.

          Much of this is often written off as mere “blood libel,” a practice which was once so common in Europe that there’s even a fancy term for it. One infamous blood libel claim of the middle ages states that a prophet among the persecuted Jews of Europe left these dying words of wisdom to his people: "Be assured that relief from this secret ailment, to which you are exposed, can only be obtained through Christian blood ("solo sanguine Christiano")."

          The Monk exposing this alleged conspiracy went on to claim that in actuality it was all just a big twisted misunderstanding; After all, this Jewish prophet, according to the Monk, obviously must have meant that “only the Blood of Christ” could save them, but for some reason a great number of them took it to mean “the blood of Christians,” and not only Christians, but Christian children, to be precise.

          So many Jewish people have been murdered under the dark shadow of blood libel claims that I feel it necessary to point of that no race, creed, or gender is even remotely fungible, i.e. able to be lumped together into one group of interchangeable replicas, despite so many heartless and thoughtless people continuing their misguided attempts to do so all the time. Even if half of the claims of blood libel were actually true, it wouldn’t change the fact that such charges have undoubtedly been used to kill many, many, thousands of innocent Jewish people, for literally thousands of years, who have been deeply wronged at the hands of ignorant and violent mobs.

          However, just because it’s wrong to levy charges against an entire group of people based upon the alleged actions of a hypothetical few, doesn't mean that it's not also equally wrong to instantly exempt any individual, or even a group of individuals, from the possibility of committing any conceivable act just because they happen to fall within one such persecuted group, particularly if the act in question is a truly heinous one.

          Take for example the Illuminati, a group that has not only appropriated much of the esoteric wealth of Judaism, but has also made scapegoats of the Jewish people for centuries. To call the Illuminati a Jewish conspiracy is like calling the Nazis socialists, salvia divinorum an incense, or the angler fish a worm.

          In 1914, the Rockefellers were responsible for the infamous Ludlow massacre, which pitted an army of their well armed agents against thousands of strikers in a drawn out and dramatic guerrilla war; during which, in addition to other atrocities, eleven small children and two women (13 again) were intentionally asphyxiated and burned to death on, that's right, April 20th.

          Exactly six years later, on the April 20th of 1920, the Balfour Declaration, a promise made on behalf of the British crown to support the Zionist ambitions of the second Baron Rothschild, is officially recognized, making Palestine a British Mandate and making April 20th the unofficial birthday of Israel. (On that very same day, unprecedented tornado activity killed 219 innocent people in Alabama and Mississippi.)

           Thirteen years after the Ludlow massacre, again in Colorado and again on April 20th, six more unarmed miners are killed, by either machine gun toting police or Rockefeller guards, in what's become known today as the Columbine "mine" massacre, to differentiate it from the far more recent Columbine Massacre, which it predates by exactly 72 years.

           To most "sensible" people, all of this will easily be dismissed as a mere string of coincidences, but I know that there are other people, people with a different understanding of the world, people who can and will see the possible connections between all of this and any other additional information I may have left out; I am, after all, only writing for these types of people.

          April 20th is almost upon us once again, and the Great Game, if you believe in such things, is on as well. Such Supervillains as these are thought to be so impossible, or at least unlikely, precisely because they are so inconceivable to the average human being, but this, although unfortunate in many ways, is probably for the best. After all, average human beings would do very well to remain blissfully unaware of those types of evils against which they personally are probably powerless to defend themselves. Life will be far happier for a far greater number of people if we all simply assume the amount of pain and trouble that each one of us has been blessed, or not so blessed, to be able to bear.

           It was, after all, on exactly such principles that the Underground Batman Fan Club was built, who, like the Coast Guard, and other such forces founded on vigilance and heroic service to man, live only to exemplify the aforementioned group's motto of “Semper Paratus” (Always Prepared). If you can believe in the possibility of an actual Illuminati, is it that much harder to conceive of an actual Batman, one who now has an important mystery to solve for the month of April?

          Again, I'm sure I lost at least a few people at the mention of a comic book character, but, once again, I'm not writing this for those of you who are so boringly incredulous. Whether you find such mythic archetypes inherently compelling or impossible to take seriously, the truth is that it's probably because you have little choice but to do so. As I've said elsewhere, all of us could only ever hope to be whoever or whatever we had first somehow managed to imagine ourselves becoming. Good luck with that and Namaste.

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  1. Does the Stoner's Holiday falling on 4/20 have any significance?

    Do the energies of all these people collectively and intentionally seeking ecstasy/escape have any remediating quality, or does that energy have the potential to be co-opted by nefarious forces?

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