Eternity Today

          Someone asked me what my thoughts were on life outside of the life we have in this world. The truth of the matter is that I don’t really worry about what I was before birth or what might happen to me after I die, since it’s hard enough to decipher who, what, and where I am right now. To the extent that I can truly understand these things, however, all of those other questions, at least to me, become meaningless.

          But I will say a little bit more on this topic. The concept of eternal life has been corrupted and twisted by our intellectual and spiritual masters, reduced to little more than a carrot and a stick with which the current world powers may shape the ignorant masses into more manageable and obedient servants. In other words, I feel undeniably that the church’s arguments for submission in this life based upon the positive or negative possibilities of the next amount to little more than an ad bacculum fallacy mixed with wishful thinking.

          This is unfortunate, because tonight when a radio preacher ask me if I was living for this life or for eternity, I knew that even though I was most certainly living for eternity, his poisonous assumptions about what was required for eternal life rendered his question unanswerable and meaningless for me. For how can a man or a woman who gives up the search for an immortal purpose in this life, the search, indeed, for themselves, in favor of what amounts to a divine handout, have any hope of securing eternity? If, in fact, a house divide against itself cannot stand and no man can serve two masters, then it seems obvious to me that, if I am to have any hope of outlasting the already considerable length of time it takes to burn out a human body, it’s not blind obedience that I’ll need to develop in this life, but rather wisdom, integrity, and autonomy.

          I don’t speak on this particular topic very often because I see little reason, or wisdom, in disarming the rhetoric of a largely benevolent master who is simply working to subdue his masses of unruly slaves to whom he very well may be, by virtue of his intellect and social standing, entitled. Church power, however abused it may have been throughout history, has served to benevolently neutralize a sea of ugly and vicious ambitions that would otherwise have claimed countless victims of their own, only to have had to have been eliminated in far less gentle ways themselves anyway. To paraphrase Christ, "Render unto Rome what is Rome's." In the end, as with governments, I think we will all get the Gods we deserve. Like me, I hope you too deserve better than the rest of humanity. Good luck and Namaste.

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