The Narthex

           Super World, in association with the Ahd al Jann, the CMU Transhumanist Collective, the Temple of the Vampyre, the House of Sith, The Soma Sema Cemetery Society, Dr. Steel’s Army of Toy Soldiers, the Gentlemen for Jupiter, the Secret Society of Super Villains, the Fayette County Foot Clan, the Sons of Batman, the Malakim Society, the Council of Nine, Evolver, the Oraboros Gnostic Circle and Justice Underground, is proud to present the Narthex, a secret convention of the unconventional, a bridge from nowhere to anywhere and back again to everywhere.

           The guest list includes but is not limited to: Super Villains, Super Spies, Super Heroes, Dragons, Ninjas, Wizards, Vampires, Psychics, Slayers, Werebeasts, Mutants, Martial Monks, Sith, Cyborgs, Jedi, Drow, Fairies, Djinn, Elves, Demons, Aliens and Angels.

           What actually goes on anywhere depends, first and foremost, on who and what you are; if you’re the kind of person for which a certain kind of experience is possible, this experience will also be possible, but if you aren’t, then, or course, actually finding the Narthex is kind of impossible anywhere and with almost anyone.

           For most, Super World is only a potential, but for some it’s something far better. For these lucky few, the Narthex is an open door into the Super World, a point of initiation that moves about much as we ourselves do, appearing anywhere someone might dare to merge our worlds together.

           Join us this Saturday Night, May 7th, at the Irma Freeman Center for the Imagination at 5002 Pen Ave as we crash Evolver's already awesome Interweve Dance Party, to imagine, meet with, and perhaps even become yet another one of the many hidden denizens of Super World's various sorted shadow societies. Good luck and Namaste.

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