To Rapture Or Not To Rapture

          Tomorrow is May 21st 2011, a date that will either go down in history as the day that millions of people mysteriously vanish from the face of the earth in a pre-apocalyptic event known as the Rapture, or, in a far less exciting outcome, it will be remembered as a day that this didn’t happen at all, making it different from any other day only due to the enormous number of people who seem to have placed a tremendous amount of faith and hope in the arrival of their one way ticket to the warm bosom of Christ. Either way, tomorrow is going to turn a lot of people’s worlds upside down.

          Such mass rapture letdowns are hardly unheard of; the Jehovah’s Witnesses rented out an entire football stadium to gather together for the big day, not once, but four times. (Don't feel bad; I'm told they rent out stadiums even on years that the world isn't ending.) Darker manifestations of the end of the world can be found in the tragic mass suicide of the Heaven’s Gate cult, who saw the rare passing of the Haily-bop comet as their best chance to get off the planet (after they all evacuated their souls from their earthy bodies, of course). What‘s unique about this event is that it‘s being taken seriously by a larger number of Christians than is usual for such extreme predictions, causing massive numbers of people to quit their jobs, find new homes for their pets and give way all of their earthly belongings to their obviously unscrupulous atheist friends.

          I have a lot of sympathy for such people, and hope that tomorrow works out for the best for all of them. What I’m most interested in personally is an answer to the question of what sort of God, if any, do we have; a God that applies the letter of the law or the spirit. If the rapture occurs, it seems that this will be made immediately clear, since He will either choose to take the Obedient, meaning only the most strictly observant Christians, or the Righteous, who obviously exist as a faction within but also beyond the relatively small confines of the Christian faith.

          I think either outcome will be acceptable, as I will at least know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, where I stand in relation to the powers that be (I already have my suspicions, obviously, but it would be nice to finally be 100% sure) but what worries me most about tomorrow is the enormous number of people who, should the rapture turn out to be a dud, will have their faith unceremoniously destroyed. The people who most desperately need this sort of early escape pod are not the sort of people whom I wish to see completely lose their only support system; these are the sort of people, in my opinion, who are the most likely to try and “end the world” in other, far less divine, ways.

          Whatever happens, I hope that tomorrow will provide ample revelations for everyone. Good luck and Namaste.

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  1. gravatar Anonymous

    the Jehovah’s Witnesses rented out an entire football stadium to gather together for the big day, not once, but twice in recent history.

    I don't think they did. When?

  2. In 1878, 1918, 1925, and most recently, when they rented out a stadium, in 1975.

  3. gravatar Anonymous's incorrect. They rent out facilities like that every year, generally several dozen, for their summer district conventions. Even when the end is not expected any minute, they still rent them out.

  4. gravatar Anonymous

    Is not the idea behind social darwinism that 1) survival of the fittest can be helped out a bit, by eliminating NOW those whom natural selection might take its time in doing.

    (a bit like hellfire believers have often thought 'if God is going to burn them forever and ever, there's no reason I can't get a few preliminary licks in myself.)


    2) whoever is perpetrating the holocaust, the "artificial selection," must be "the fittest" so as to be able to maneuver themselves into that position?

  5. gravatar Anonymous

    oops. scratch that comment. was meant for somewhere else.

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