A Midsummer Solstice Dream

          The image is the thing. That, in so many words, is the secret to art, magick, religion, immortality, and, on a less profound level, counterfeiting and pornography (men's anyway). This month I'm working with the energies of an angel named Ambriel, the thief of many faces, who presides over, and unlocks the secrets of, the mercurial energies of Gemini. It is said that after the Archetypal Animus and the Archetypal Anima arrive with the energies of Aries and Taurus, respectively, Ambriel's role in Gemini is to provide access to a level of communicative power that transcends the coercions and manipulations of these two figures. As previously mentioned, the Angel Ambriel is the angel of Escape, and the Escape plan this month will culminate in the Midsummer Solstice Dream.

          At the end of Gemini we arrive immediately at the Summer Solstice, which this year will be marked with a massive and powerful magical ritual, one that will hopefully serve to liberate a great number of my fallen brothers and sisters. More details are available elsewhere, but the ritual will take the shape of two Faerie Courts, one Light and one Dark, each with there own Royalty and occult mysteries to share and/or be discovered by those involved. For most people, the ritual begins and ends on June 21st, between 9pm and 2am, but for those who are really a part of it, as with all magick, where this ride actually starts and stops depends upon each individual mind.

          Carlos Castaneda once said, "There are no accidents to a man of knowledge." True magick overpowers and spills forth from any of the tiny containers we may try to hold it in, with an often swiftly accelerating rising tide of paranormal activity, synchronicities, and illuminations, warping the fabric of reality itself towards ends that will only be obvious to those closest to the particular current that's being unleashed upon the world. Thus we sit at planning committees and speak with passerbys largely unaware of the inevitability of the things that will and are coming through us as we all move closer and closer to the inevitable point of manifestation. Although I can feel it rising and taking shape, and, having some experience with these things, I believe that I can serve it with slightly more awareness than those who vainly think that they are "in control," even I must, to some extent, follow the power of the river we've unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

          If you really want to understand, come to me on the dark plateau of Bandi Schaum on this upcoming Summer Solstice; Come to me when I've given myself over to the form of King Maab, and I will show you everything that I myself have only recently been blessed to learn. Good luck and Namaste.

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