Beauty, Power, and Grace Becomes Her

           Today I meditated on some of the divine qualities, and on ways which I might promote their presence in my own life. Take for example ‘Beauty,’ which has been defined as ‘that for which it is a joy to look upon.’ I mention it because it’s certainly one of the divine attributes or, at the very least, it’s one of the primary definitive qualities of the Goddess of Desire. For those who claim to labor on behalf of such fallen gods as these, those of us who wish to actually facilitate their speedy rebirth and supremacy here within the rigid context of our mundane modern world, we must first understand what obstacles stand in the way of the manifestation and expression of these few key attributes.

          In short, in order to both immanentize and substantiate any of the Gods within our own bodies, we must first devise ways to destroy or remove every damning obstacle which blocks the path of their return. How might these Gods walk the Earth without being tripped up by little things like us?

           Like ‘Power,’ which is as good a term as any for the basic qualitative essence of the masculine God, or ‘Wisdom,’ the definite qualia of the neuter Hermetic deity, ‘Beauty’ seems to be as universally craved as it is feared and resented. If you don’t believe me attempt to discuss the beauty of any female with almost any other and you will find the same bristling discomfort you would when, for example, praising the physical prowess, or, more commonly in this age, the wealth, of any one particular man among any others. In this way we are all seemingly locked into an unspoken competition with all other members of our sex, and more often the other gender as well, for preeminence in regard to whatever divine qualities we feel entitled, or perhaps just socially compelled, to compete against each other for.

           It would appear, as much as I hate to admit it, that it might just be our own rampant egotism that most directly impedes the actual resurgence of the divine. In other words, the sad and inescapable fact is that haters are, indeed, “gonna hate;” Caring, however, is certainly not required, and the key to our victory over the mundane may lie within the twin virtues of Audacity and Austerity, at least, after the grounds have been cleared of anything that might trip us up.

           I’d like to point out that I see our currently quite popular push for “egolessness” as yet another symptom of the epidemic levels of egotistical spite which has engulfed us. It’s unfortunate that the very word that we have for our self image, Ego, has become so completely conflated with malignant distortions of the same. Those who rail against the evils of “sexism” or of “racism” don’t often get sucked into the trap of villainizing the “sexes” themselves, or “races” themselves, as the terrible and undesirable sources of the problem (although this tripe is not unheard of in those circles either; I guess dull minds really do think alike), but then why does this error seem so rampant among the supposed opponents of egotism?

           I think it comes down to the abstract nature of ego, the way it can pretend not to exist even when and where it obviously still does. Yes, the ego can be deconstructed, reorganized, and even be made very light and unobtrusive, but outside of the theoretical possibility of a completely dreamless sleep and perhaps, but not necessarily, in death itself, the observer is as omnipresent as the observed. The ego is, in potential, even in those places where it appears not to be. It cannot be escaped because only nothingness escapes it.

           Those who postulate the grand ultimate reality of this observing self as a bare naked babe of the abyss, without quality, substance, or inclination, are either secret agents of entropy, and the sort of effete brand of nihilism which I have little use for, or they’re only telling you half the story, unable to extol the fantastic divine possibilities that lie deep within you without immediately attracting the shadowy clutter from a host of accretions that make up your “false self.” Until all of these small and trivial things clinging to one’s core are broken down and peeled away, it may just be impossible to unleash any sort of real Gods from within you, so, as the Angel residing over this month suggests, “Meditate; put your mind in order.”

           It's my belief that, once the doors of perception are cleansed, one can move on to the primary work, which is the proliferation of Beauty and Power, forces that often find themselves at what might appear to be cross purposes, but with which I believe one can at last begin to illuminate a third and vitally important path, a synthesis of these two complimentary qualities, which for descriptive purposes we’ll call “Wisdom” for now, although, despite the tricky theological connotations, I'm also partial to labeling as “Grace.” Only with the attainment of this one superlative quality will whichever Gods or Goddesses that ring truest from inside our egos’ shells be freed to walk confidently in the objective realm once more; at least, that is, until we each inevitably stumble and fall. Til then, Good Luck and Namaste.

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