The Sacred Power of Naming

           Be careful who or what you allow to control the names for all the many things that make up your life, least of all the names that describes who and what you are. Whether you like it or not, human life is a secret war of countless loud proclamations that have been made incessantly throughout history about pretty much everything. Things have gotten very bad along these lines, as if the angels, who once spoke the most beautiful and the most true names imaginable for all things, all went into hiding, or perhaps, they’ve been all but destroyed. No, it’s not the language itself that’s lacking; it’s the courage to put the right words to the right people, places, and things. In short, it’s our fault.

          I ‘m dangerously close to madness from the sheer ridiculousness of the words that most people have been conned into using and I need to believe that, deep down, so are most of you as well. It’s not really your fault if you’re trapped under this spell either; most people come into this world with very little hope of getting the true names, the beautiful names, the ones that they find most natural, the words that best express their own innate understanding of things, to actually stick. Call the wrong thing beautiful or right or true or just and you will find yourself corrected and mocked and punished until you dare not speak out of turn again. It is thus that we all give in to the all too common tongue of the corrupt and diseased.

          However my greatest complaint is that it seems that there’s only one popular alternative being used to fight against this grand perversion of meanings, and that’s to cast bitter derision onto ALL attempts at naming, becoming stubborn iconoclasts of all possible definitions, declaring, upon the painful failures of your own adolescent names for things, that there is no truth in any of it, that all names are lies, and the most craven surrender of all, that there is no God.

          Not that Atheism lacks all merit; I attempted to use it myself, when I was young and confused, to spite the God that the word was pointing towards, but the word’s still there, pointing where they’ve forced it to point, an illustration of a small mind’s concept of divinity. Denying the existence of the very idea is as unfair and unreasonable as the idea itself. More importantly, the word can still point towards what it was originally intended to denote, back before they stole it away, if more people found the courage, and let's not forget actual insight, necessary to simply speak that truth.

          As far as I’m concerned, this immature postmodernist denial of meaning is just as bad as believing in all the garbage words of my enemies and not only reveals one’s lack of courage, but, ultimately, one's poor intelligence as well.

          No, I’m sick of these ontological nihilists most of all; they are wrong and they are cowards, sore losers in this most secret, and perhaps endless, war of names. Regardless of the popular postmodern appologetics, all truths are not created equal, although nearly every version of the truth expresses some piece of it, if only by revealing the selfish individual needs of a craven, deceitful, or simply shallow heart. Good luck and Namaste.

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