Least We Forget and Go Native...

           The Ahd al Jann (which translates as “The Hidden Covenant” or “The Covenant of the Djinn”) are the autonomous antinomian inheritors of a mystical tradition and occult practices believed to have been passed down from the infamous Nizari Ishmaeli, better known today as the Assassins. Details about this group can be very difficult to come by as their practices of dissimulation are so extreme that individual members are not even supposed to openly speak of their personal affiliations with the faith, much less directly mention the groups influence over any of the various organizations and initiatives which they might choose to infiltrate and co-opt from within.

           However, there is one core “eccentricity,” a religiously embraced species dysphoria, if you will, which, once understood, will help any outsider to understand which sorts of activities are most likely to draw the attention and interests of the Ahd al Jann.

           Although some would say that this is a gross oversimplification, it would be inaccurate to say that the magicians of the Ahd al Jann are not all intentionally at war with the God, or Gods, of this world. They hold the anti-cosmic Gnostic belief that this is a place of imprisonment and punishment for a vanquished race of formerly godlike beings, beings who long ago flourished in another, far stranger, reality, one which was almost completely destroyed in order to make room for this one. This pre-adamite race has been variously identified within the mythologies of many cultures, as the Nagas, the Asuras, the Jotnar, the Rephaite, the Fae, the Titans, the Old Ones, and, of course, the Djinn, while some even see them as being represented by the Elves and even the supposedly Antediluvian Atlantians.

           Although this is not a heritage that is supposed to be flaunted openly, it is believed that all members of the Ahd al Jann secretly identify as such and see kinship only in those who they feel also embody these same conquered divine dignities. Everyone else, even certain parts of themselves, must be considered as another part of a prison that absolutely must be broken down and refurbished.

           Much more than this should not be said, but so much more, of course, will probably be said later. Good Luck and Namaste.

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    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the article, and I'm enjoying the site. I've added this article to the next edition of The End Times (http://paper.li/johnnylemuria/1313335452).
    Keep the faith.

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