Occupy the Pittsburgh Underdark

          The city of Pittsburgh boasts the most bridges in America – indeed, in the entire world, having recently surpassed even the canalous city of Venice, the previous record holder with 443 piered bridges, by three. The so-called Underdark of most bridges seems thick with potential occult wonders, from the Freemont Troll in Seattle, to Golden Gate’s infamous ghost-ship, the S.S. Tennessee (a bridge, incidentally, with over 1300 confirmed suicides). A Pittsburgh dwelling friend of mine recently noted: “Our bridges could use some trolls under them.” Upon reflection, I must say that I totally agree.

          The bridge is perhaps one of the darkest symbols of the desperate soul; a unifier of two otherwise moated masses of land, regardless of which, still serving as the morbid mortar pedestal from which all the most hopeless mortals fall. There’s something almost palpable in the grim catching grounds of these broken and sometimes soggy dreamers, yet it also sometimes seems like the last place left unmolested by the break-neck pace of our ever looming rat-race, in the bohemian romantic bosom of these mostly black and gold Gothic arches.

          Urban exploration becomes less and less common as we all begin to feel less and less free to explore and enjoy our environments, although such darkness has always provided various measures of liberty and support to the brave. Whether you’re bungee jumping off of the 230 foot high George Westinghouse, angling in the Mon for one of those 10ft long, 300 lb, Gator Gars, or simply scoping out the grappling hook trails, bouldering walls, and ladder nests nestled under countless other bridges, there’s a rich sub-rosa world hiding under all of these monolithic crossroads that’s just waiting for a renegade like yourself to seek it out and draw it all in.

          Today might mark the unceremonious end to the wintery occupation of Melon Park, but under our bridges, bandied about around our best bonfires, in the secret hidden chambers of the homey squats we might one day hope to haunt, there is another occupation brewing. I call upon this cities libratory sorcerers, street artists, underground party promoters, guerrilla gardeners, anarchist architects, free-runners, urban explorers, hideout deprived superheroes, labless mad scientists and the Neo-ziganist courts of occult readjustment to join me, on behalf of the last few remaining freeholds and the fading forces of the fairy moot, as we Occupy the Underdark.

          We might text brief explanations for these Underdark Occupations done through urban explorations of the 'burgh: Going Ghostbusting, C.H.U.D. Spotting, or on a Werewolf Hunt or Run, on Troll Patrol (446 to go), or seed bombing a Guerrilla Garden. On the slopes we can climb all those steep Dragon Lines to where the fires of Bandi overwhelm, and with a brave shamanism of even greater precision we'll stencil gateways into sundry realms. I’ll be in touch.

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  1. Count me in! I'm not sure when I'll be in town, but maybe I can help from afar?


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