Happy New Year!

             I believe it was Orsen Wells who once said, “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.” For the conquered masses living under the now fading reign of the Roman Empire (a once secular yet now entirely religious dominion) the Gregorian year ended months ago, but for those few who’ve remained true to the old ways and old days, or who simply know how to read, either in books or the sky, it’s obvious that this is where the annual story stops and starts again. Nigh is the true man’s New Year, marked so appropriately with the call to “March!” Indeed, Happy New Year everybody!

             I realized it today while showering, idly examining the names of the months, that septem is the Latin word for "seven," octo "eight," novem "nine," and decem "ten." Counting backwards then that would clearly make March the first month of the year, and, with a bit of research, I soon confirmed that it was indeed the Romans who first reorganized our natural year, so that it would coincide with their civil one and the annual election of their new high consuls.

             You may not think that any of this matters but what I’m trying to address is the outcome of ages upon ages of temporal tampering, by our ruling powers, with the natural tempo and flow of time, or at least, our perception and public observance of it. First it was the Roman Empire, then again, the Roman Church, twisting things around to their likings until any of the old public rituals, that once placed power, vitality, or simply a basic energetic awareness within reach of the people, were rendered quaint and all but forgotten.

             But not all of us have forgotten, and the time approaches once again when I will become your humble operator for the cocooning at one world’s end, a hypnotic rebirthing ritual that culminates in the long awaited return of spring, which, this year, will occur late Monday night (or, more accurately, early Tuesday morning) on March 20th, at approximately 1:14am. This will be a private service extended only to the benefit of those whom I deem worthy of my energies or to the downfall of those whom my cohorts and I can capture and bind for reprogramming; yet whichever of these you may happen to be or become, Happy New Year and Namaste.

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