Non Servium Explained

           Non Servium, a biblical phrase taken from the Latin vulgate and commonly translated as “I will not serve,” does not, as many believe, signify a rejection of God, but, rather, it’s exact opposite. This widely misunderstood phrase, correctly attributed to Lucifer and his army of Fallen Angels (another widely misunderstood bunch if there ever was one), is a spiritual battle cry of freedom and autonomy from the misrule of any earthly, or not so earthly, powers which might attempt to interpose themselves between us and our philosophical God-Ideal.

           This concept of divinity, although too intangible to provide any of the wish fulfillment or political domination that seems to be pathologically craved by the most common sort of people, marks the furthest reaches, and, indeed, beyond, of our moral and philosophical reasoning. It is the God that was once served faithfully by the now all but extinct Gnostic and Hermetic magicians, as well as by other, even more obscure, sects. It is a true, perfect, and, therefore, often elusive, realization of benevolence, justice, compassion, and spiritual illumination, and it is in humble and faithful service to this ideal alone that we, who are wise enough to remember the hypocrisies and atrocities of the not so distant past, must today, of necessity, refuse to bend our knees to any new world order which dares to violate the sanctity and sagacity of our own ennobling consciences.

           Perhaps you too will one day find yourself called upon to serve the dictates of your own oft ignored pangs of conscience, perhaps as merely a spy, or, even, if you are so bold, a secret agent, of our secret and ever returning God. Should you find yourself in such a place, doing the sacred work of the Malakim, or any of the other heroic orders, then, obviously, Good Luck and Namaste.

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